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Cell Structure and Function

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1 Cell Structure and Function
Donald Winslow, St. Gregory’s University 25 January 2011 Readings: Mader, Sylvia 2011 Inquiry into Life, 13th ed. McGraw-Hill, NY Ch. 3; pp 47-52, 54-61, 63 Ch. 4; pp 68-69, (on membranes)

2 Objectives List organelles found in most cells.
Describe structure & function of these organelles. Give examples of cells where particular types of organelles are abundant. Describe structure & function of cell membranes. Contrast cell membranes & cell walls. Explain membrane transport processes.

3 Organelles in an endothelial cell

4 Nucleus Envelope (2 membranes)
Functions in DNA replication & RNA synthesis Most eukaryotic cells have one nucleus. Syncytial eukaryotic cells have multiple nuclei. Prokaryotic cells do not have nuclei.

5 Mitochondria & chloroplasts
Inner membrane & outer membrane Function in cellular respiration Especially abundant in muscle cells Chloroplasts Function in photosynthesis Especially abundant in leaf cells

6 Endoplasmic reticulum
One membrane surrounding lumen Lipid bilayer synthesis, transport to membranes Rough endoplasmic reticulum (with ribosomes) Proteins imported into ER as they are made Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

7 Ribosomes No membranes 2 subunits composed of protein & RNA
Protein synthesis from info in messenger RNA Especially abundant in cells that secrete proteins

8 Lysosomes & peroxisomes
One membrane Intracellular digestion Peroxisomes Oxidation of toxins by peroxide Especially abundant in protective tissues

9 Golgi apparatus Stack of membrane-bound “pancakes”
Staging area for ER products

10 Vesicular transport Transport vesicle

11 Cell membrane

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