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Respiratory Medicines

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1 Respiratory Medicines

2 Decongestants Indications
runny nose stuffy head sore throat some ear pain Action - binds to alpha-1 receptors on blood vessels in nasal membranes

3 Decongestants Effects Administration vasoconstriction
decrease swelling dries nasal passages decrease congestion unclog eustachian tubes Administration oral topical

4 Decongestants Examples (Pseudoephedrine) - Sudafed, Claritin-D
(Phenylpropanalomine) – Banned by FDA in 2000

5 Decongestants Adverse effects headache dizziness nervousness nausea
increase blood pressure ** slight stimulant effect Pseudoephedrine banned by USOC

6 Antihistamines Indications respiratory allergies systemic allergies
S/S – sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose, congestion systemic allergies allergic conjunctivitis sedation (sleeping medicines) motion sickness nausea vertigo

7 Important definitions
What is histamine? Endogenous chemical stored in mast cells involved in normal regulation of physiologic functions What is an allergen? An ordinarily harmless substance that the body recognizes as foreign The result? The body produces antibodies (IgE) to fight the “foreign substance” causes the release of histamine Effects of histamine - redness, itching, watery eyes, vasodilation

8 Antihistamines Action - blocks H1 receptor sites by attaching to mast cells in nasal passages Effects - prevents a histamine response dries membranes shrinks swollen tissues decreases redness decreases itching

9 Antihistamines Adverse effects dry mouth & throat heart irregularities
dizziness blurred vision decrease mental alertness SEDATION alcohol increases the effects

10 Antihistamines Examples (Diphenhydramine) - Benadryl, Tylenol PM
(Doxylamine Succinate) - Unisom (Clemastine) - Tavist (Promethazine HCl) - Phenergan Claritin Allegra Zyrtec ** many antihistamines also contain a decongest.

11 Antitussives - (Cough Suppressant)
Suppress a non-productive cough Types & Effects narcotic - suppress cough reflex non-narcotic - inhibit irritating effects of histamine, decrease sensitivity to stimuli Adverse effect – sedation, interactions w/other meds Examples (Dextromethorphan) (Codeine)

12 Cough Expectorant Recommended for productive coughs
Facilitate production and ejection of mucus Decrease viscosity Examples Guaifenesin Explain the logic of combining an expectorant with a suppressant?????

13 Fixed-Ratio Combination Products
1. Some active ingredients not needed 2. Not possible to formulate dosage to person 3. Ingredients are sometimes less than therapeutic doses 4. Risk of interaction 5. Cost

14 Zinc Inhibit the production of viruses
Recently used to decrease symptoms of the common cold

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