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2 PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Health Science Technology

3 Introduction n Certain personal/professional characteristics and attitudes apply to all health occupations n you should make every effort to develop these characteristics and attitudes and incorporate them into your personality

4 Topics of Discussion n CHARACTERISTICS n ATTITUDES

5 Topic One n EMPATHY u To be able to identify with and understand another persons feelings, situation, and motive

6 Topic Two n HONESTY u Truthfulness and integrity n DEPENDABILITY u Must accept the responsibility that your position requires u Must be prompt in reporting to work and maintain good attendance record

7 Topic Three n Willingness to learn u Must be willing to learn and adapt to changes n Patience u Must be tolerant and understanding u Must learn to control your temper and count to ten

8 Topic Four n Acceptance of criticism u must be willing to accept criticism and learn from it u Some criticism will be constructive and allow you to improve your work

9 Topic Five n Enthusiasm u Must enjoy your work and display a positive attitude u enthusiasm is contagious

10 Topic Six n Self-motivation u Ability to begin or to follow through with a task u Ability to determine things that need to be done

11 Topic Seven n Tact u Ability to say or do the kindest or most fitting thing in a difficult situation u Everyone has the right to their own feelings and these feelings should not be judged as right or wrong

12 Topic Eight n Competence u Qualified and capable of performing a tsk u Follow instructions

13 Topic Nine n Responsibility u Being willing to be held accountable for your actions u Others can rely on you and know you will meet your obligations

14 Summary n all characteristics and attitudes must be practiced and learned n some take more time to develop than others n be aware of these characteristics n strive constantly to improve n will help you provide good patient care n will make you valuable asset to your employer and others

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