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Safety in the Pharmacy Health Science Technology.

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1 Safety in the Pharmacy Health Science Technology

2 Personal safety Safety from physical harm –Substances –Supplies (chemicals, poisons, etc.) –Equipment –Improper body mechanics

3 Personal Safety Employee responsibilities –Maintain a safe work place –Apply principles of proper body mechanics –Wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) when indicated –Follow proper procedures in handling pharmaceutical agents that may pose a hazard to the practitioner –Know and apply the policies and procedures in case of emergency

4 Environmental Safety Clean work place Proper ventilation Proper lighting Adequate set-up and layout of work place Proper functioning equipment

5 Regulatory Agencies Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Pharmacy Boards

6 Safe Practices When in the pharmacy……

7 Patients trust pharmacy personnel to: Provide accurate and competent service Safe and effective medications Dispense according to prescribers directions

8 Pharmacist must ensure: Right drug Right patient Right dosage Right route Right time Right attitude

9 Practitioner must be familiar with: Common side effects Contraindications Drug or food reactions with medications Generic drugs that may be substituted

10 Practitioner should know at minimum the following information for the drugs most used in individual practice setting or geographical location. Adverse drug reactions Side effects Contradictions Safe/effective dosage range Drug/food interactions Common dosage regimens Dosage forms Route of administration

11 Reviewing Refills Number of refills Correct drug selection Significantly early or late requests for refills may indicate medication misuse

12 Beware of Dispensing Errors!!

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