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Management Strategies Planning Prioritizing Implementing.

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1 Management Strategies Planning Prioritizing Implementing

2 Vision / Mission Statements Vision * Identity of provider * Service to be provided * Target clients * Quality declaration Mission Help direct resources inspire to do a good job Action oriented

3 Lexington Medical Center or Your Local Hospital System LMC Mission Statement: –To provide quality health services that meet the needs of our community. LMC Vision Statement: –A coordinated healthcare delivery system that is accessible and affordable and that continually improves the health status of our community.

4 Lexington School District 1 or Your Local School District Mission –The mission of Lexington County School District One, where caring people academics, arts, athletics and our community connect, is to enable all students to be thinking, productive and responsible citizens in an ever-changing world. Vision –Lexington County School District One students will be self-directed, collaborative, creative and caring learners who will flourish in their future.

5 Strategic Planning Who are we and why are we here? Are we acting consistent with the overall mission? Build support for program by getting input from all involved Identify strengths & weaknesses Develop method to evaluate progress Can be long term – up to 5 yrs.

6 Operational Planning Usually < 2 years Transfers strategic plan into operation Develop policies –Broad statements developed by boards Develop processes –Incremental steps that direct a program –Many processes under one policy Develop procedures –Specific directions Practices –What is actually done

7 Stakeholders Allies – high level of support for plan, high level of trust –(ex) director of rehab at Janes hospital Opponents – opposing view, but high trust –(ex) Previous orthopedists Bedfellows – support plan, but have proven untrustworthy in plan –(ex) VP for finance Adversaries – do not support plan, untrustworthy –(ex) other sports medicine providers

8 Support Practices Policies & procedure manuals Short term / long term plans Task planning (Gannt charts) Evaluation methods & tools Meetings Input Problem solving

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