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2 OBJECTIVES Explain how diet, rest, exercise, good posture, and avoiding use of tobacco and drugs contribute to good health Demonstrate the standards of a professional appearance as they apply to uniforms, clothing, shoes, nails, hair, jewelry, and makeup.

Confidence Self-image

4 Good health promoting health and preventing disease health appearance

5 Diet Eat well-balanced meals with nutritious foods
Provides body with materials for optimum health Food from each of five major food groups

6 Rest Need adequate rest and sleep
Provides energy and ability to deal with stress Amount of sleep needed varies from each person

7 Exercise Maintains circulation and improves muscle tone
Helps mental attitude Contributes to more restful sleep Chose form best suited to your needs obtain some type of exercise daily

8 Good Posture Prevents fatigue and puts less stress on muscles
Stand straight with stomach muscles pulled in, shoulders relaxed, and weight balanced equally on both feet

9 Avoid use of tobacco drugs
Use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs seriously affects good health tobacco affects function of heart, circulatory system, lungs, and digestive system Impairs mental function Decreases ability to make decisions Affects many body systems Use of substances can result in loss of a job

10 UNIFORM Required in some health occupations
Neat, well fitting, clean and free of wrinkles White or neutral undergarments should be worn under white uniforms Find out what type and color is required

11 CLOTHING Neat, clean, and in good repair Freedom of movement
Washable fabrics usually best because of frequent washing Should be appropriate for position Jeans:Recreational Therapist

12 NAME BADGE Most facilities require personnel to wear name badge or photo identification tag States name, title, and department of health care worker

13 SHOES White shoes frequently required
Fit well and provide good support Low heels are best because they prevent fatigue and accidents Females wear white or beige stockings with uniform Males wear white socks

14 NAILS Keep short and clean
Long pointed nails could cause injury to a patient, puncuture or tear gloves Germs transmitted when dirt collects under nails Avoid colored polish Use hand cream to prevent cracking or chapping and dryness of hands

15 HAIR Clean and neat Styled attractively
Pinned back and kept off collar keep hair from touching patient prevents hair from falling on tray or equipment avoids blocking vision during a procedure

16 JEWELRY Usually not permitted with uniform
Can cause injury to patient and transmit germs Exceptions include watch, wedding ring, and small pierced earrings Excessive jewelry interferes with patient care and detracts from professional appearance

17 MAKEUP Avoid excessive makeup
Should create natural appearance and add to attractiveness

18 SUMMARY Rules or standards established by agency Abide by the rules
Maintain a neat, clean, professional appearance


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