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 Why would cells need to divide to create new cells?

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1  Why would cells need to divide to create new cells?

2  The Cell Cycle

3  Cells go through a series of events known as the cell cycle o During this cycle, the cell grows, prepares for division, and divides to form two daughter cells Each daughter cell moves into a new cell cycle of activity

4  Prokaryote cell cycle o A form of reproduction known as binary fission Once the chromosome is replicated, the two DNA molecules attach to different regions of the cell membrane Fibers in the cell stretch the cell apart The fibers pinch the center in Divides the cytoplasm and copied DNA into two new cells

5  The eukaryote cell cycle occurs in several stages o Interphase Consists of 3 parts Gap 1, Synthesis, and Gap 2 o M Phase Cell division o The length of the cell cycle in eukaryotes varies between types of cells

6  Interphase o The longest stage of the cell cycle o A time when the cell carries on its usual functions Dependent on location in the body o Gets ready to divide o Consists of three parts Gap1, Synthesis, Gap 2

7  What are the 3 phases of interphase?

8 Gap 1 (G1)  Undergoes significant growth o doubles its organelles o Makes new proteins  Accumulates the materials needed for DNA synthesis o Includes building enzymes, nucleotides, Synthesis  DNA replication occurs o Each chromosome is composed of one coiled DNA o A single chromatid is replicated into two sister chromatids

9 Gap 2  Shortest of the three phases of interphase  Production of organelles needed for cell division are produced o Spindle fibers form Made of microtubules o Centriole Assists in the separation of sister chromatids

10  M Phase- Cell division o Follows interphase o Produces two daughter cells Identical to each other o Usually takes place quickly in comparison to interphase o Can be divided into two phases Mitosis- division of the nucleus Cytokinesis- division of the cytoplasm

11  What is the end result after a cell goes through the entire cell cycle?


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