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Windows Workflow Foundation By Sam Nasr, MCAD October 23, 2007

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1 Windows Workflow Foundation By Sam Nasr, MCAD October 23, 2007

2 Introduction Windows WorkFlow Foundation Break MOSS 2007 Workflow Q&A Survey

3 Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. In-process workflow engine, and designers for Visual Studio 2005. New namespace in.Net 3.0

4 .NET Framework 3.0 (aka WinFX).NET Framework 2.0 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Windows CardSpace A set of activities stored as a model that describe a real world process. Work passes through the model from start to finish and activities might be executed by people or by system functions. provides a way of describing execution Programmed with code or graphically.

5 Available for both client and server versions of Windows. Once a workflow model is compiled it can be executed inside any Windows process console apps Forms-based apps Windows Services ASP.NET web sites Web services.

6 Flowchart State Diagram Sequential Workflow Not an application; must be hosted. Activities are the building blocks Override Activity.Execute() Utilizes XOML

7 Persistence Service (via SQL Server) Tracking Service (via SQL Server) Scheduler Service Transaction Service

8 Demo

9 MOSS Workflow

10 Expands on WF Does NOT use pluggable services in WF. MOSS dehydrates the workflow. SharePoint Designer workflows are stored as source files in WSS (1 Doc Library/Site) WF Markup file (.XOML) WF rules WF configuration.ASPX if any

11 Expands on FrontPage 2003 Author WF against a list or Library at Design Time. Cannot associate WF to content type. WSS 3.0 WF are forms agnostic. No-code workflows Does not allow creation of custom activities. Works with pre-deployed activities.

12 Demo

13 WF is embedded in MOSS Project Server Navision (NAV) CRM BizTalk Server (vNext) Client apps start workflow by calling into SP APIs. Collect Feedback on a document using a Workflow.

14 Demo

15 Windows Workflow Foundation Framework Integrating Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation Use the ActivityExecutionContext (AEC) in Windows Workflow Foundation


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