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P4P meeting Eitan Efron, VP BD January 2008.

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1 P4P meeting Eitan Efron, VP BD January 2008

2 The Bandwidth Explosion And the network just cant cope… Existing Infrastructure Bandwidth Demand POOR user experience P2PTV (Joost etc.) HTTP Video (YouTube etc.) P2P Downloads (BitTorrent etc.) Demand for P2P and Video Creates Pressure P4P targets: max delivery, minimize ISP pain

3 New Technologies are Required % of traffic Time Monetized P2P Un- Monetized P2P Internet video Can not be throttled Throttled using DPI

4 Cache = Network Optimization Engine Cache Backbone Core / POP Router Saves on bandwidth Ensures & accelerates QoS Reduces pressure on the network Complements DPI install base Out of main traffic path DPI Defers infrastructure upgrades

5 Caching = Up to 95% Savings ! Cache Out3Gbps In 250Mbps (80Mbps international) X 20 value (95% BHR)

6 Caching = Accelerated Performance BitTorrent Cache acceleration example High Definition (HD) Delivery Opportunity Peers only With server With Cache DWLD speed 65Kb/s 375Kb/s 9.2Mb/s DWLD time 23 hours 4 hours 9 minutes 680MB, Maple Story Update X 150 faster performance

7 Cache = Monetization through Service Differentiation GOLD 5 Mbps SILVER500 Kbps BRONZE50 Kbps Charge Users for performance Charge Content owners for delivery 500 GB 50 GB 10 GB Cache Users SLA / Acceleration HD 5 Mbps SD500 Kbps basicbest effort Over the top content ISP content

8 P4P Modes Peer AppTracker iTracker ISP Internet 1 4 2 3 1.Peer query Tracker 2.AppTracker quarries iTracker (3) 3.iTracker sends peering suggestions (2) 4.Tracker updates peers list Peer AppTracker iTracker ISP Internet 1 4 2 3 Peer iTracker AppTracker ISP Internet 1 4 2 3 A BC

9 iTracker May Increase Load on ISP Network DSLAMCMTS INTERNET CORE ACCESS DSLAM iTracker AppTrackers ISP Domain Increase load on limited & expensive Uplinks internal Peers list

10 iTracker auto Cache Discovery Optimizes Network Performance DSLAMCMTS INTERNET CORE ACCESS Cache DSLAM Relieve load on limited Uplinks Single Cache can be located at core AppTrackers iTracker ISP Domain No Uplink reciprocity internal Peers + cache

11 iTracker Implementing Cache Discovery iTracker/AppTracker provide users with a list of Good Peers & Cache Servers Good Peers = Users in same POP range Users with higher Uplink capacities Users with lower infrastructure cost metrics Caches in ISP cloud POP NOC Enables full control by ISP to optimize to ISP infrastructure constraints E.g. MSO/WiMAX operators with limited uplinks capacity will want to reduce load on peer uplinks and increase use of Caching

12 iTracker + Cache Field Experience iTracker + cache discovery Introduced 200% increase in performance

13 Suggested iTracker Cache Discovery Format Peer AppTrackeriTracker ISP Internet 1 4 2 3 A Map IP range -> POP, cost metrics, Good Peers IP range -> Cache servers + Vendor Specific Data (VSD) P4P iTracker ISP/Vendor DB update A. Get Map (iTracker query) AppTracker Additional compilation B. Get vendor specific cache location GetServers(IP,hash,VSD, protocol) iTracker query (Get Map) Vendor A Vendor B Vendor Specific plug-ins

14 Summary Cache = relives the load on the network + sustains/improves QoE + new monetization opportunities, over existing ISP infrastructure iTrackers cache discovery = improves savings and user experience by additional 200% Further network optimization can occur through Additional caching levels (e.g. aggregation, Access) Automatic Cache discovery embedded at Client level (e.g. where P4P is not implemented), e.g. BitTorrent CDP Cache + iTracker + DPI DPI throttles only traffic in local caching devices and local peers

15 Meeting Customers Demands in the New Digital Media Age Thank you for listening. Energize Your Network

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