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MediaMelon Confidential1. Overview MediaMelon Confidential2 Launched Service in Nov 08 P2P: Advantages: scalability, low cost of delivery Disadvantages:

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1 MediaMelon Confidential1

2 Overview MediaMelon Confidential2 Launched Service in Nov 08 P2P: Advantages: scalability, low cost of delivery Disadvantages: client-side process, install, perceptions. Currently delivering managed p2p content on white-labeled basis. High peer efficiencies, secure and stable platform. Multi-Source Delivery: started mid 2009, initial sales Dec 2009. Delivery from other CDNs, Data Centers – not end-users. Client-less technology. Still improves scalability, expands capacity

3 3MediaMelon Confidential Source: Cisco IP Video Delivery - Market Dynamics Massive increase in the amount of video content being delivered over the Internet According to Cisco, 2007 IP video traffic was 30X the total US Internet backbone traffic in 2000. By 2013, it would be 390X that number. Videos would represent 90% of all IP traffic by 2012, representing 56 exabytes of data a month, from the current 6 exabytes a month. Key Trends Fragmented sources for IP video delivery - much like the sources to an electric grid Current video delivery sources include 50 CDNs, 238 regional networks and colocation centers ; New entrants in the market include facilities-based telcos. While delivering bits is commodity, performance, capacity, cost, and reliability varies across delivery sources. Publishers are faced with need to utilize and manage multiple potential delivery sources. Increasing Demand for higher-layer delivery applications Adaptive-bit-rate streaming, ISP-load aware streaming, Differentiated Delivery, Deeper playback and performance analytics, and managing delivery to connected devices.

4 Resulting Outcome More Capacity unleashed More sources put in play Higher utilization of delivery bandwidth Normalization across capacity constraints Lower costs Better Performance More sources put to play Actual Performance data used for routing Increased Reliability MediaMelon Solution Treat Videos as a collection of objects / chunks Deliver a stream by multiplexing chunks from a combination of sources Performance based delivery rather than BGP-hop count based delivery 4MediaMelon Confidential Market Challenge – MM Solution – Result Challenge / Opportunity Huge Increase in demand for online video bandwidth Demand for video to Connected Devices & Higher layer services Available Demand much greater than available capacity from any single source Demand can be met if one includes all capacity from Datacenters, NSPs, ISPs

5 MediaMelon Technology Overview MediaMelon Confidential5 Delivery Network 1 Delivery Network 2 Control Data Origin Server MediaMelon routes chunks of a video from various sources, as the video is playing. The video itself does not travel through MediaMelon servers MediaMelon Overlay Servers

6 MEDIAMELON DELIVERY PLATFORM MediaMelon Overlay Dynamic Routing of IP-Video based on QoS, Cost, and Business Policies 6MediaMelon Confidential CDNs Regional Networks Telcos Datacenters Video Portals Media companies Video platforms and aggregators MEDIAMELON DELIVERY PLATFORM MediaMelon offers several value-added service on top of the routing layer Adaptive HTTP Delivery Advanced Performance Analytics Differentiated Services In-stream Advertising Delivery to Connected CE Devices Others.. Technology Overview: Video Overlay Network

7 Cloud MediaMelon Confidential7 Deflationary technology Order of magnitude increase in utilization Analogies: IP evolution The Cloud Stack IaaS: Savvis, Rackspace, Amazon, Nirvanix PaaS: Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, AppEngine, EC2 SaaS:, citrix, Google Market opportunity (including hardware, middleware and services) is $350 billion a year.

8 8MediaMelon Confidential Adaptive Streaming Technology HTTP-adaptive streaming based on device characteristics, source capacity/cost, and access network load.

9 9MediaMelon Confidential Over 30 different ad-networks and ad-servers Video decoupled from player resulting in Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls without any change to video or player.

10 10MediaMelon Confidential Best of breed video players FlowPlayer / thePlatform /Comcast player – used by majority of US broadcasters.

11 11MediaMelon Confidential Advanced Video Analytics Publishers get transparency into how their videos are performing across different networks

12 Comparative Analysis On top of the multi-source routing service, we are in a unique position to offer a series of higher-layer high- margin services. Video source can be switched mid-stream (while video is playing ) based on performance and cost Bitrate can be continually adjusted based on playing device characteristics, source capacity/cost, and access network load. Ads and videos are decoupled from each other and therefore Ads can be inserted based on open IAB standards MediaMelons technology is based on HTTP (the most widely used Internet protocol). This makes the solution scalable and flexible. HTTP objects can be cached unlike other proprietary protocols. MediaMelons solution helps in seamless integration with the publishers existing workflow. MediaMelon also allows publisher to use any video player including MM provided player Reporting at a more granular video-chunk level (since video is broken down into chunks). 12MediaMelon Confidential QoS based Adaptive BitRate In-Stream Advertising Standards-based solution leading to Scalability Easy Integration with Workflow / Video Player Independence Advanced Reporting and Analytics Optimized Video Source MediaMelon Solution

13 Summary MediaMelon Confidential13 MediaMelon manages content delivery across various delivery sources. Offers a series of higher-layer applications Multi-source delivery: expands capacity of deployed infrastructure. Allows media companies to access content delivery/management at the right price/performance point. MediaMelons partners include major CDNs, ad networks, CMS vendors. For more details: Cell: (650) 270-5006 / Work: (415) 283-3339

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