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The American Revolution

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1 The American Revolution

2 Causes

3 French and Indian War Aka: Seven Year War Results
Great Britain vs. France Fought over control of land and fur trading Colonists fought for the British > felt united against a common enemy France lost Canada & land East of Mississippi River Colonists develop land Population increases Women outnumber men … why?


5 King George III of England
Refused to listen to colonists’ demands Issued Proclamation Line of 1763 Lands West of Appalachian Mtn. reserved for Native Americans Response by Natives? By colonists?

6 Proclamation of 1763

7 Taxation Colonists forced to pay taxes to ease British war debt
Paid taxes without representation Sugar Act: tax on sugar, coffee, textiles, wine > effect on prices? Stamp Act: All official documents were taxed & money used to pay British soldiers in America Navigation Act: restrict colonial trade with British

8 Boston Massacre Based on the title & visual, how would you describe this event?

9 Colonial Resentment Sons of Liberty Boston Massacre
Samuel Adams led group of those opposed to British Led attacks on British & urged boycotting British goods (i.e. Boston Tea Party after Tea Tax) Boston Massacre British troop presence increased Mar a mob taunted British troops by throwing rocks & snow > troops fired shoots & 3 colonists died

10 American Leaders Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin
Author of Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin Went to Europe to gain support (& money) for colonists Thomas Paine (Common Sense)

11 The Course of the War

12 British Advantages Better army and navy (best in the world)
Financially secure Local support from loyalists

13 American Advantages Home-field advantage
Motivation to win → Independence Many European nations supported colonists George Washington – brilliant strategist & military leader who tried to draw out the war to make it expensive for Britain

14 Colonist Propaganda

15 Effects

16 Treaty of Paris Treaty signed that recognized independence of the United States Western border set at the Mississippi River Native American issues with borders

17 Effects for the British
Lose colonies in New World Forced to search for new markets

18 Effects for the United States
25% of the population either dead or left the colonies No established government in place Westward expansion began

19 Other Issues Disputes over territory between the United States & Great Britain; United States & Spain France nearly bankrupt from helping the US Dutch navy destroyed

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