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■ Essential Question: – What were the important concepts of the colonial era? – There are 2 of them.

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1 ■ Essential Question: – What were the important concepts of the colonial era? – There are 2 of them

2 1) Religious Divisions ■What does it mean to be Protestant? ■Martin Luther ■Lutheran, Baptist, Quakers, Anglicans, Calvinists ■Catholicism is not Protestant

3 USA 2012

4 2) Wealth ■3 Countries began NA exploration ■Spain ■What religion? –Missionaries/ Missions ■DeSoto and Coronado –Search for Gold

5 Spanish Exploration

6 2) Wealth ■French ■Search of Northwest Passage ■What river led to the Great lakes? ■SMHEO ■Jesuit Missionaries ■What body of water held the French expand in NA?

7 2) Wealth

8 ■England ■Jamestown ■John Smith ■Starving Time ■Commercial Crop ■Bacon’s Rebellion ■Maryland – Lord Baltimore ■Georgia- John Olgethope

9 2) Wealth

10 Mercantilism, Trans-Atlantic Trade, & The Navigation Acts of 1660

11 Salutary Neglect & Colonial Assemblies

12 “Southern” Colonies “Northern” Colonies

13 1.Why was Jamestown, Virginia founded? 2.Jamestown was settled by the Virginia Company which was a collection of investors looking to make a profit in America. What kind of company was this? 3.Jamestown struggled to survive in its early years. What “saved” Jamestown by allowing the colonists to make huge sums of money? 4.The Virginia colony relied heavily on plantation agriculture. Name the 2 groups that were most commonly used to work these plantations? 5.The Virginia colony created the first colonial assembly in American history. What was it?

14 1.To make money for investors; So people could make money in America 2.Joint-stock company 3.Tobacco 4.White indentured servants from England and African slaves 5.The House of Burgesses.

15 1.Name three colonies in New England. 2.Pilgrims created the first example of self-government in American history. What was the name of this agreement? 3.What New England colony gave America the first example of a written constitution? 4.Name 2 differences between the Massachusetts and Virginia colonies 5.What type of gov’ts existed in New England?

16 1.Plymouth, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Haven 2.Mayflower Compact 3.Connecticut (“Fundamental Orders of CT”) 4.MA = religious; VA = make money MA = families; VA = men MA = small farms & trade; VA = plantations MA = few slaves; VA = lots of slaves MA = schools; VA = no schools 5.New England used town meetings

17 1.Name two “middle colonies” in the British colonies in North America 2.Which British colony was known for the “holy experiment”? 3.Who founded this religiously tolerant middle colony? 4.Why was the Georgia colony founded?

18 1.New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey 2.Pennsylvania 3.William Penn 4.To serve as a buffer colony between the rich plantations in Carolina/Virginia and the Spanish colony in Florida; Also, as a place to send debtors and people released from jail

19 1.What is Salutary Neglect? 2.What was the Middle Passage? 3.What is mercantilism? 4.What impact did the Navigations Acts have on the British colonists? 5.Which region of colonial America did German and Irish immigrants as well as freed indentured servants typically move to?

20 1.The king and Parliament did not strictly control the governments of their colonies who created colonial assemblies 2.The part of the trans-Atlantic trade that brought African slaves to America 3.The idea that the mother country should profit off colonies by providing cheap raw materials and buying manufactured goods; 4.Laws that restricted colonial trade by requiring all trade to go through Britain 5.The “Backcountry”

21 1.Name two differences between the “Southern” and “Northern” colonies? 2.What was the name of the religious revival in America in the 1730s that challenged people to re-examine their eternal destiny? 3.Name one effect of this religious movement

22 1.Southern colonies had more plantations, cash-crops, slavery, and indentured servants than the Northern colonies Northern colonies had a more diversified economy of small-scale farms, industry, and trade; Northern colonies had more cities 2.Great Awakening 3.The first “national” event; growth of faiths (Methodists & Baptists)

23 The Great Awakening

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