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College and Career Readiness: Measures/Aligning Instructional Materials Dublin Scioto High School March 2012.

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1 College and Career Readiness: Measures/Aligning Instructional Materials Dublin Scioto High School March 2012

2 College and Career Readiness All students should be prepared for the challenges of higher education and high-performing jobs when they graduate from high school.

3 College & Career Readiness Same or Different? The knowledge and skills students need to be competitive to enter the workforce after high school are comparable to the knowledge and skills students need to enter college.

4 Keys to College & Career Readiness 1. High Expectations 2. Early Awareness 3. Rigorous Preparation 4. Readiness Opportunities 5. Access 6. Participation

5 Importance of College Readiness & Rigorous Coursework: From ACT College Readiness Publication: “What Kind of Test Preparation is Best?” Students benefit from taking longer term, college preparatory coursework for increasing ACT scores, regardless of students’ prior achievement in high school. As long as students enter ready to learn, all of them can benefit. High school coursework has a substantially larger impact on ACT composite scores than short term test preparation activities. Remember that ACT score is more than just a score for admissions, it is an indicator of College Readiness. A student with an ACT subject area score that is lower than college readiness benchmark may be required to take remedial course work in college prior to being able to take regular freshmen level coursework.

6 Measuring and Monitoring College Readiness The current growth model: ACTs Longitudinal Assessment System EXPLORE (Grade 8) PLAN (Grade 10) ACT (Grade 11 / 12) 8 th Grade: “Forgotten Middle” Article

7 Measuring and Monitoring College Readiness

8 Linkage Reports College Readiness Benchmarks SubjectEXPLOREPLANACT English131518 Math171922 Reading151721 Science202124 Benchmarks reflect expected growth from EXPLORE, to PLAN, to ACT, if a student sustains the same academic effort throughout high school. Benchmarks are based on regression data (past students ACT scores) and the score needed to be successful in college level subject area courses, without remediation.

9 DSHS PLAN DATA 2011 Average Test Scores Subject PLAN Benchmarks DSHSNational Average English15 17.316.2 Math19 19.217.6 Reading17 18.416.7 Science 20 19.2 17.8 Composite 18.6 17.2

10 ACT ACT has long defined college and career readiness as: The acquisition of the knowledge and skills a student needs to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing, first-year courses at a postsecondary institution (such as a two- or four-year college, trade school, or technical school) without the need for remediation. Benchmarks are minimum scores on the act English, Mathematics, reading, and Science tests that reflect at least a 50 percent chance of achieving a B or higher grade or a 75 percent chance of a c or higher grade in entry-level, credit- bearing college courses.

11 PLAN Predicts AP Readiness How We Use the AP Success Indicator….. PLAN Tests 50% Chance of Scoring 3 or Higher on AP Exam Average Math & Science 23 AP Biology Average English & Reading 21.5 AP English Language Average English & Reading 22.5 AP U.S. History Average Math & Science 21 AP Calculus BC

12 PLAN: AP/IB Success Indicator

13 10 th Grade PLAN On Target Benchmark

14 DSHS ACT DATA 2011 Average Test Scores Subject ACT Benchmarks DSHS Average Scores State Average Scores English18 23.521.1 Math22 24.121.5 Reading21 23.522.1 Science 24 23.821.8 Composite 23.921.8 *2011 Junior Class Practice ACT Composite= 20.3

15 On Target To Be College Ready? College Readiness Benchmarks ACT College Readiness Benchmarks 18 on ACT English Test 22 on ACT Math Test 21 on ACT Reading Test 24 on ACT Science Test Class of 2011 DSHS State College Eng. 83% 71% College Alg. 68% 49% College Bio. 49% 35% Social Science 70% 58% Meeting all 4 : 42% 28%

16 College Entrance

17 Did you know? ACT’s definition of college and career readiness was adopted by the Common Core State Standards Initiative and provides a unifying goal upon which educators and policymakers must now act. ACT played a leading role in the development of the Common Core State Standards. Not only did the initiative draw on ACT’s longitudinal research identifying the knowledge and skills essential for success in postsecondary education and workforce training, but ACT’s College Readiness Standards were also among the resources used in the creation of the Common Core State Standards.

18 Common Core Standards College and Career Readiness in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Language for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects They demonstrate independence. They build strong content knowledge. They respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline. They comprehend as well as critique. They value evidence. They use technology and digital media strategically and capably. They come to understand other perspectives and cultures. *An in-depth review is offered through the anchor standards for respective subjects in the National Core Standards.

19 Department Work What is your department willing to do in the classroom with PLAN and ACT to build our students academic capacity around the style, timed rigor, and level of thinking? How can this work be incorporated in to what you already do? - Adapt Lessons - Style of Questions - Timing of Chunked Questions Departmental Work: Complete an instructional plan by department, by course, similar courses, OR individually.

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