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Northern Renaissance [Mr. McKinley] [Bullitt Central High School] [World Civilizations]

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1 Northern Renaissance [Mr. McKinley] [Bullitt Central High School] [World Civilizations]

2 I can examine the events that led to the Northern Renaissance and contrast it with the Italian Renaissance. Why? We need to look at how the Renaissance effectively changed Europe and how it was different, yet the same, as the Italian version.

3  Linear Perspective: Distant objects smaller than those close to the viewer. Making scenes appear 3- Dimensional.  Revival of classical themes  Realistic: Emotion  More secular than the religious Medieval period  Focus on Humanism: Human achievement and form Recap of Italian Renaissance Art

4 BEFORE and AFTER Recap of Comparing and Contrasting artwork…

5 Why Italy? Why would Italy begin the Renaissance to bring back Greek and…ummm….ROMAN culture? Ask yourself this… WHERE IS ROME? In Italy! WHERE WAS ANCIENT ROMAN CULTURE LOCATED? In Italy! Starting to catch on? Now for a DUH moment…

6 Starting in the late 1400s… The Renaissance began to spread to the rest of Europe in such places as Belgium, England, France and Spain. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, YOU ASK?!


8 CULTURAL DIFFUSION! Break it down, Professor Know-it- all! Cultural Diffusion is the spreading out of culture, culture traits, or a cultural pattern from a central point. In this case, from Italy. Lets go to the map!!!


10 A Renaissance is coming, A Renaissance is coming!!! Most people liked the idea of this new awesomesauce culture idea of Ancient Greece and Rome, but there were problems with making it look like the Italian Renaissance!

11 Why wouldn’t the two be the same? Raise your hand and see if anyone can guess it!

12 Problem number one! Germany, France and England Was NOT Rome…

13 Problem number two! Europe still had Kings and Queens who were not about to give up total control to HUMANIST ideas of equality.

14 Problem number three! European society was NOT about to give up their close ties to the Christian/Catholic Church!!!!!!!!!!

15 Problem number four! I will let you figure it out on your own…with a little help from me. Take out a piece of paper and, using Ancient Greek and Roman Architecture and Art as an influence, create a painting/drawing/or simply describe one of those that you would do and describe in perfect detail what it will look like and how it will mimic Ancient Greek and Roman style.

16 Problem number four! Are you stuck? Figure out what the fourth problem was? What do you think?

17 Problem number four! That is correct! The Europeans couldn’t just walk outside and get influence from the Roman culture that was so easily available to Italians! And…Google wasn’t around to help them out!

18 So…did Europe even have a Renaissance, Mr. McKinley?! Yup! But, they focused on Humanism in the way as to show regular people’s lives. Check it!

19  Contained great detail  More landscape and nature paintings - usually darker and colder  Oil painting on Canvas – allowed for vivid color  Paintings are less secular. More religious questioning.  More scenes of daily life. Characteristics of Northern Renaissance Art

20 Jan Van Eyck - Flanders The Wedding of Arnolfini Oil on canvas

21 Jan Van Eyck - Flanders Madonna Del Rolin Oil on wood

22 Albrcht Durer Self Portrait 28 Oil on panel

23 Albrcht Durer - Germany Rabbit Oil on Panel That’s right! Dude painted A Bunny!! But, check out The mean mug on that bunny! That’s a MEAN bunny!!!!

24 Albrecht Durer - Germany Everyone who ever knew Someone who got A tattoo is familiar With Durer without Realizing it!

25 Hans Holbein

26 Bruegel


28 Peasant Wedding Oil on wood

29 Medieval vs. Renaissance Architecture Gothic (Medieval) Gothic architecture was very large, “pointy” Flying buttresses supported large walls Stained glass told stories Renaissance Revival of Arch and Dome Qualities of Greek and Roman architecture Used columns for support Intricate design

30 Renaissance Architecture vs. Medieval Architecture El Tempieto Donato Bramante Notre Dame Cathedral

31 Il Duomo Brunelleschi

32 Filippo Brunelleschi 1377 - 1436 Architect of the Duomo Cuppolo of St. Maria del Fiore

33 Filippo Brunelleschi Commissioned to build the cathedral dome. –Used unique architectural concepts.  He studied the ancient Pantheon in Rome.  Used ribs for support.

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