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Student Training Presentation. On Wednesday, April 8, all juniors will take the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) in Science. This is part of the testing.

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1 Student Training Presentation

2 On Wednesday, April 8, all juniors will take the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) in Science. This is part of the testing requirements for the Class of 2016. All juniors, except those students who have been testing in B014, will test in the same room as you have tested in all year.

3 Please make sure you are in your testing room at 8:00 Wednesday morning. Make sure your laptop is fully charged; restart it when you find your desk. The only items you will need while testing are your laptop, pencils, and a book to read when you finish each session. Your cell phone should be in your backpack or you can give it to me to keep for you.

4 You will be taking three sessions of the SBA science test. Each session is sealed with a code and can only be opened at a predetermined time. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes, and we will have a short break after each session. We will have lunch after session 3, and then you will have a junior meeting in the theater during 6 th hour. Everyone will go to 7 th hour today.

5 In each session, you will answer some questions by selecting A, B, C, or D on the computer screen. You may work out problems for these multiple-choice questions on the scratch paper. You will answer other questions by writing or drawing your answers in the boxes provided on your screen. Some questions have two or more parts. Be sure to answer all parts. For short-answer and open- ended questions, show or explain all of your work by using numbers, words, sentences, or pictures. For questions requiring you to write or draw your answers, fit your answers within the boxes provided for each question on your screen. Are there any questions?

6 At the end of each session, you will raise your hand so I can come to your desk before you turn in your answers. I will make sure you have answered each question, then initial your Student Testing Ticket, providing documentation of each session you completed. Are there any questions? We will now talk about the PARCC End-of- Year test that you will take next week.

7 Student Training Presentation

8 The primary purpose of PARCC is to provide high quality assessments of students’ progression toward postsecondary readiness and success. The Spring 2015 administration of the PARCC assessment includes two separate test administration windows: the Performance- Based Assessment (PBA) which you took in March, and the End-of-Year (EOY) assessment that you will take on April 14 and 15.


10 EOY Test Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, April 14 and 15 Please go to your testing at before 8:00 each morning we test.



13 April 14 Day 1 – ELA EOY Units 1 and 2 Testing ends at 12:10 Go to 4 th hour and lunch. Meet 3 rd, 2 nd, and 1 st hours (in that order). April 15 Day 2 -Math EOY Units 1 and 2 Testing ends at 12:45 Lunch is until 1:20 Meet 5 th, 6 th, and 7 th hours

14 If you are currently enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II, that is the test you will take. If you are not currently enrolled in one of those classes, you will take the test for the math class you most recently completed.

15 After you complete a unit, please raise your hand. Your test administrator will help you close out of your test. Then, sit quietly and read a paper book. The book must be unrelated to the testing content and cannot be an e-reader. If you need to go to the restroom during the timed unit, please go to the restroom that is closest to your testing room. Keep in mind, though, you forfeit that time. It is best to go after you finish testing or during the break.

16 Laptops must be closed to a 45 degree angle. You are not permitted to use electronic devices, play games, or engage in activities that may violate the validity of the test. Snacks will be provided. Please stay in our hall.

17 For the PARCC Mathematics High School Assessments, you may use only graphing calculators, with functionalities consistent with TI-84 or similar models. Course-appropriate calculators will be available through the testing software. You may also use your own calculator, the one you regularly use in your math class. Before each unit, you will need to clear the memory on your computer. If you do not know how to do that, ask your math teacher.


19 Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed during testing, and should be left at home or in your vehicle during testing. If you choose to bring your cell phone with you to our testing room, you will have two options: You may place the device that is turned off in your backpack, then place the backpack against a wall away from the desks. Or, you may give the device to the test administrator for safe- keeping. Please choose one of these options! Students who have a cell phone in their possession at any time, including breaks, will be removed from testing.

20 For each unit, you will be given blank scratch paper. You will be instructed to print your first and last names at the top of each sheet of scratch paper you receive. If you need more scratch paper, ask for it! All scratch paper must be turned in at the end of each unit. Remember to put all of your answers in the testing software; answers only on scratch paper will not be scored!

21 Remember to bring your laptop to class fully-charged; you may also bring your charger. You will be instructed to restart your computer then have your computer at the login screen before we get started. You will login using fhsmap, and map. Click on the springboard on the dock labeled TestNav. THERE IS MORE THAN ONE SPRINGBOARD SO MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON THE CORRECT ONE. You will now be at the login screen to begin PARCC. Directions will then be read from the Test Administrator’s manual.

22 If you get a window like below, put a check mark in the box for “Do not show this again for apps…” and then click on “Run”. If asked for Proxy Authentication, put in your own student username and password (even if you are on a loaner).

23 Before you begin testing, you will check to make sure you can hear test material through their headphones. Once the test begins, the volume level cannot be changed.

24 If you try to log in to TestNav and get a message that your username and/or password is invalid, try a second time and then call the teacher over for help if unsuccessful. DO NOT try more than three attempts! You will be LOCKED OUT after 5 unsuccessful attempts.

25 When you receive a testing ticket, please make sure it is yours. You will use it to login to the testing software. Your testing ticket must be returned at the end of each test day. The login screen will look like this:

26 When instructed, type in the username and password found on the bottom of the Student Testing Ticket into the appropriate fields on the login screen.

27 Test Administrators and Proctors are permitted to clarify only general administration instructions after reading the script word-for-word. No part of the test may be clarified, nor can assistance be provided to the student during testing. Remember, Test Administrators and Proctors are not allowed to help with test questions or the online tools during the test.

28 When you have answered the last question on the test, and you have checked over your answers and you are finished testing, please raise your hand and I will come to your desk. Do not submit your test! I will exit you out of the test. Please give your Testing Ticket to me, your test administrator, when asked.

29 You did an excellent job representing yourself and our school during the last administration of PARCC. We have no doubt you will do the same the next time we test. Your teachers and principals are proud of you.

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