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Welcome to our Higher Education Information Evening.

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1 Welcome to our Higher Education Information Evening

2 Aims of the evening: To introduce parents/carers to UCAS and the Higher Education Admissions process To give additional information about the careers guidance and support available To inform parents/carers about finance issues

3 Tonight’s programme 6.00 – 6.45pm: Applying to University A brief introduction to the University Admissions System, UCAS. The talk will then focus on the guidance we provide at Woodhouse and how students can make a realistic choice of universities 6.45 – 7.00pm: Refreshments in the Student Social Area 7.00 – 7.45pm: Please attend these talks ONLY if your son/daughter is hoping to apply for Oxford/Cambridge/Medicine Hall Applying to Oxford & Cambridge (Jacquie Grice) Room 1Applying for Medicine (Wendy Oswin ) Room 2 Applying to University (Repeat of 6pm talk)

4 HIGHER EDUCATION APPLICATIONS 2010/2011 H.E. Talks Afternoon June 2010 Oxbridge Evening for Barnet sixth forms hosted by Ashmole School for Connexions (March 2010) Large number of lunch time visiting speakers (see list outside Hall) Open Days at Universities

5 Individual research (UCAS Course Guide) Individual appointments with Careers Co-ordinator Tutorials :- Introduction to the UCAS System; Researching Universities- What Career? Progression Afternoon, June:- UCAS Apply, Personal Statements

6 Seminars re: Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Admissions tests July and September- UCAS talk for all L6 students, tutorials to support applications Ongoing advice and support for students from Personal Tutors, subject teachers and Student Support Team Universities visiting to give advice re personal statements/applying to university (June 2010)

7 UCAS APPLICATIONS COLLEGE INTERNAL DEADLINES Early Sept.Oxford & Cambridge applications Early Sept.Applications for Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary Science N.B. As Upper Sixth students only return to College on 2 nd September this gives them 8 days to finalise their application! Mid Sept.English, Law, Media & Psychology

8 Early Oct. Management & Business Studies End Oct. Remaining applications Nov. Art applications N.B. These are internal deadlines. The final date for UCAS forms to reach UCAS is January 15th 2011.

9 The UCAS Process Early Autumn term Apply for 5 realistic choices of university/course Students will have their predicted grades as well as their AS grades Late Autumn/Spring term Conditional offers Rejection Early Summer term Decision to keep 2 offers – a contractual obligation Firm Acceptance Insurance Acceptance

10 Spring/Summer term UCAS Extra – additional applications, one at a time, for students with no offers (from Feb – end of June) August Confirmation of a place if qualified UCAS Clearing – new application to any course with places available Check on UCAS – may know from midnight of results day … Financial Support Please see information sheet (NB: this is for the current year – an update will be given to students next academic year for 2011 entry)

11 Factors to Consider Which University? Which subject? Which course? Entrance requirements and how competitive Funding Be realistic!

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