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1 Colorado Coordinated Planning Group PCC Update March 6-7, 2008.

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1 1 Colorado Coordinated Planning Group PCC Update March 6-7, 2008

2 PCC Presentation 2 CCPG The CCPG is a forum to bring reliability study ideas for joint study purposes. Website:

3 PCC Presentation 3 Map Colorado Coordinated Planning Group Southwest Area Transmission CCPG SWAT SIERRA New Area

4 PCC Presentation 4 Transmission Participants Arkansas River Power Authority Aquila Basin Electric Black Hills Power Colorado Springs Utilities Pacificorp Platte River Power Authority Public Service Company of Colorado Tri-State Generation & Transmission Western Area Power Administration

5 PCC Presentation 5 2008 GOALS Establish Charter Subcommittee Formation Studies Data Coordination Schedule Synchronization

6 PCC Presentation 6 08 Goals - Charter Subgroup Organization Re-Name Subgroup? Formalize Structure Defined Responsibilities Voting Rights Stakeholder Processes (Attendees vs. Participants) Formal Agreements? Subcommittee Organization Existing Long-Range, NERC Compliance, Foothills, Voltage Coordination New: Additional Sub-Sub-Regions (Denver-metro, SECO, SWCO,WY, etc.) Area Coordination 890 Issues WECC Liaison (TEPPC) 890 Compliance

7 PCC Presentation 7 08 Goals - Subcommittees Existing: Long Range Transmission Planning NERC Compliance Foothills (Sub-subregion) Voltage Coordination Rocky Mountain Area Coordinator NEW: Additional Sub-subregions: e.g. Wyoming, Denver-metro, SECO, SWCO, etc. SB100 890 Base Case Coordination

8 PCC Presentation 8 08 Goals - Studies Long Range Transmission Planning NERC Compliance Senate Bill 100 Sub-subregions Mega Projects

9 PCC Presentation 9 Long Range Planning Study SC: Long Range Transmission Planning Group Purpose: Develop 10 Year Transmission Plans (2018 Models) Consider RPS & up to 30% Renewable Re-evaluate the Eastern Plains Transmission Project Lead:TSGT Kicked off December 19, 2007

10 PCC Presentation 10 NERC Compliance Study SC: NERC Purpose: Meet TPL-001,2,3,4 Requirements Near (5 yr) & Far (10yr) Windows Consider RPS & up to 30% Renewable Lead:BEPC

11 PCC Presentation 11 SB100 Study SC: SB100 Purpose: Meet requirements of Colorado Senate Bill 100 Identify Energy Resource Zones Plan Transmission to Serve the ERZs File CPCNs with CPUC Lead:PSCo Kicked off March 4, 2008 2015 Models (Correspond to PSCo Resource Plan)

12 PCC Presentation 12 Sub-subregion Studies SC: Various Purpose: Analyze transmission requirements for specific regions within the CCPG Footprint Foothills, Tot 3, Wyoming Joint Q, Denver-Metro, SECO, SWCO, Front Range, etc Lead:Various

13 PCC Presentation 13 Mega-Project Studies SC: Various Purpose: Evaluate impacts of mega-projects on CCPG Subregion: High Plains Express Wyoming – Colorado Intertie EPTP Lead:Various

14 PCC Presentation 14 08 Goals - Area Coordination SC: WECC Purpose: Address Issues associated with preparation of cases for WECC Annual Study Program Rocky Mountain Area Coordinator Lead:PSCo

15 PCC Presentation 15 08 Goals - Synchronization WestConnect SWAT WECC (TEPPC) 890 Requirements

16 PCC Presentation 16 Next Next CCPG meeting March 25, 2008 TSGT Contact Thomas Green 303-571-7223 Or Jared Griffiths (Co-chair) Phone 970-461-7603 Email

17 PCC Presentation 17 2008 CCPG Study Plan Kicked Off the next Colorado Long-Range Transmission Planning Group study effort on December 19, 2007 Will look at updated L&Rs for 2018 and 2013 Take into Account State Renewable Portfolio Standards Address Some of the Renewable Resource Generation Development Areas Outlined in the Senate Bill 07-091 Report Complete Initial Feasibility Study Report for the High Plains Express Project Re-structure the CCPG Charter

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