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Tennis Rules.

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1 Tennis Rules


3 SINGLES Match Is Played Between 2 Players

4 DOUBLES Match Is Played Between 4 Players

5 SERVING Decided by Spinning the Racquet
Winner Can Decide to Serve, Receive, or Pick a Side of the Court Server Starts Game Serving From the Right Side of the Court Reviver Starts From the Right Side of Court

6 SERVING Both Will Now Alternate From the Right to Left Until the Game Is Completed Receiver Is Always Diagonal From Server Server Score Is Always Said First


8 SERVING Change Sides of the Court When the Total Game Adds to an ODD Number (1,3 5..) Remember You Do Not Have to Hit a Bad Toss on a Serve

9 Doubles Serving Team A Decides to Serve A1 Serves Entire Game
After Switching Sides, B1 Serves A2 Serves, Switch Sides and B2 Serves Now Back to A1

10 Doubles Serve Receive Establish Which Side of Court (Right or Left) to Receive Service Maintain This Relationship the Entire SET Can Switch After Each Set


12 LET A Served Ball Strikes the Top of the Net and Falls INTO the Proper Service Area - Result = Re-do the Service Attempt Court Hinder

13 FAULT A Served Ball Lands Outside of the Service Zone
2 Faults Per Service Point

14 Traditional Scoring

15 No-Add Scoring


17 Point Won When the Opponent Hits Into the Net, Outside Boundary Lines, or Does Not Hit Ball Before Bouncing Twice

18 GAME May Last From 4 Points to an Indefinite Number of Points

19 SET Won When One Player Has Won at Least 6 Games and Is Leading by at Least 2 Games

20 MATCH Won When a Player Wins: 2 Out of 3 Sets 3 Out of 5 Sets

21 TOURNAMENT Involves Teams or Individuals Competing Against Other

22 TIE-BREAKERS Introduced So That a 6-6 Set Could End Quickly
12 Point Tie-breaker Player or Team That Wins 7 Points (Ahead by at Least 2) Wins the Game and Set

23 TIE-BREAKERS 2 Player Who’s Turn It Is to Serve Starts the Tie-break From the Right Service Court Opponent Serves Points 2 and 3 From the Left and Right Courts, Respectively

24 TIE-BREAKERS 3 Serve Then Alternates Until the Tie Break Is Completed
Players Change Ends After Every 6 Points Are Won Player or Team Who Served First in the Tie-break Receives the Serve in the First Game of the Next Set

25 Tie-Breaker Summarized
Player A Player B 1-r 2-l 3-r 4-l 5-r 6-l Change Ends 7-r 8-l...

26 UNWRITTEN RULES Played on the Honor System
Take Practice Serves Prior to Starting the Match Keep Your Own Score and Say Prior to Each Point Responsible for Calling Shots on Your Side of the Court

27 UNWRITTEN RULES 2 If You Are in Doubt Whether a Shot Was in.. Call It Good Play in Shots. Immediately Call “Out” Prior to Hitting the Shot Hold Racket up in Air to Pause Play (Ball Into Court)

28 UNWRITTEN RULES 3 Do Not Walk Behind Courts When a Point Is Being Played Server Should Always Start With 2 Tennis Balls Be a Good Sport !!!

29 Weather Information If In Doubt, Please Enter AHC and Look For Tennis Sign Dress Accordingly!!! Courts Dry + Above 45 => OUTSIDE

30 More Information Please Visit My Website
Highlight the “Courses” Tab Go To the PHE 120 Class


32 Remember – For Next Class
Tennis Racket 2 NEW Can of Tennis Balls Appropriate Attire

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