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Enhanced Curtailment Calculator Task Force Report

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1 Enhanced Curtailment Calculator Task Force Report

2 Enhanced Curtailment Calculator
Tool to determine appropriate curtailment of transmission system use when overloads occur. Originally proposed through the Efficient Dispatch Toolkit. This would be a reliability tool for use with or without the Energy Imbalance Market.

3 Need for the Tool Transmission system is under more strain due to desire to efficiently utilize assets Variable Generation integration is causing changes to grid utilization also. UFMP covers 6 rated paths while TOP-007-WECC-1 covers approximately 40 rated paths. There have been events in the past where all schedules across a path were curtailed and flow was not changed.

4 High Level Overview Any Transmission element/line/path can be nominated in the tool. Transfer Distribution Factors (TDF) will be calculated for all source/sink combinations for each monitored element. Curtailments would be based on Transmission Priority and include tagged and untagged uses

5 Proposed Schedule ECCTF plans to bring proposal forward at the March Joint Meetings If accepted by Standing Committees, take it to the WECC Board in June. Request proposals and negotiate contract in Q3 2012 Testing in Spring 2013 Implementation Fall 2013 Proposal should include white paper, business case, technical spec and scope document.

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