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NTTG Report to TEPPC 11-19-09 2008-2009 BiennialTransmission Plan.

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1 NTTG Report to TEPPC 11-19-09 2008-2009 BiennialTransmission Plan

2 NTTG Transmission Plan Status Plan Final Draft Posted 11-02-09 for Final Stakeholder Review 15 day comment period ended 11-17-09, two comments received TransWest Express – David Smith TransCanada – Bill Hosie: Zephyr & Chinook Steering Committee Review and final approval 12-8-09 Presentation to Open Stakeholder Meeting 1-28-10 Kickoff for 2010 -2012 Biennial Cycle 1-28-09 Gateway Central Project under Construction at the Populus Substation in Idaho

3 Projects in 2008-09 Plan Project 1: Hughes Transmission Project Project 2: Wyodak South Project Project 3: Mountain States Transmission Intertie Project 4: Gateway South, Sigurd – Crystal Project 5: Gateway South, Aeolus – Mona Project 6: Gateway Central, Populus – Terminal Project 7: Gateway Central, Mona – Oquirrh Project 8: Gateway Central, Sigurd – Red Butte – Crystal Project 9: Gateway West, Windstar – Jim Bridger Project 10: Gateway West, Jim Bridger - SE Idaho Project 11: Gateway West, SE Idaho – S Central Idaho Project 12: Gateway West, S Central Idaho – SW Idaho Project 13: Boardman – Hemingway Project 14: Hemingway – Captain Jack Project 15: Walla Walla – McNary Project 16: Cascade Crossing

4 2008-09 NTTG Plan

5 Additional Projects in Footprint Conceptual - Not Included in Plan in 2008-09 Cycle

6 Other Major Transmission Not in SPG Plans 13


8 NTTG Planning Committee Members Basin Electric Black Hills Power Deseret Power Electric Cooperative Horizon Wind Idaho Power NorthWestern Energy PacifiCorp Portland General Electric TransCanada Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems Idaho Office of Energy Resources Montana Public Service Commission Wyoming Public Service Commission

9 NTTG Planning Structure

10 NTTG 2 Year Planning Cycle Interconnected Grid Planning Data Collection Identification of Options for identified needs Flowability and N-1 Reliability Studies Import/Export Studies, coordination with neighbors Economic Studies Cost Allocation

11 Coordinated Planning Cycle

12 Results of Economic Studies of Planned Transmission Energy flows on significant paths with and without portfolio transmission

13 Cost Allocation Committee Cost Allocation Draft report on website CAC Members Lou Ann Westerfield - Chair, Idaho Public Utility Commission Bryan DeKiep - Montana Public Service Commission Marshall Empey – UAMPS Bryce Freeman - Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocates Jim Logan - Utah Public Service Commission Matt Muldoon - Oregon Public Utility Commission Larry Nordell - Montana Consumers Curt Winterfeld - Deseret G&T Darrell Zlomke – Wyoming Public Service Commission

14 14 Wyodak South 550 MW -Meet load growth needs in Northeastern Wyoming, increased system reliability. Phase 1: Donkey Creek – Pumpkin Buttes 230 kV, 49 miles Construction start: March, 2008 In service: April, 2009 Phase 2: Pumpkin Buttes – Dave Johnston Area 230 kV, 69 miles Construction start: January, 2010 (est) In service: November, 2010 (est) Hughes Transmission Project Meet load growth needs in Northeastern Wyoming, increased system reliability. Substation work complete In service date: November, 2009 Northeast Wyoming Projects

15 15 850/800 MW - Delivery of generating resources, market access and transmission service requests Hemingway, ID to Boardman, OR Single Circuit 500 kV AC WECC Phase 1 Path Rating Complete WECC Phase 2 Path Rating Underway Rating studies performed with Pacific Northwest Transmission Coordination Work Group (TCWG) Line Permitting BLM and Oregon EFSC NOI Community Process Construction Start: 2013 Project In Service: 2015 Boardman – Hemingway Project

16 16 1500/950 MW - Delivery of renewable energy resources Townsend, MT to Midpoint, ID Single Circuit 500 kV AC with PST WECC Phase 2 Path Rating Process Completion: 2009 Part of NTTG Biennial Plan Complete: 2009 Environmental Reviews Draft EIS: Fall/Winter 2009 FERC Order Open Season Targeted for Fall 2009 Construction Start: 2011 Project In Service: 2014 Supported by Generator Lead-Line Collector System Visit Mountain States Transmission Intertie

17 17 Gateway Central Populus – Terminal (Path C upgrade) System Rating Studies Done Foundations: February, 2009 In service target: 2010 Mona – Oquirrh Draft EIS issued: May, 2009 Construction target: 2010 In service target: 2012 Gateway West Draft EIS target: August, 2009 Rating studies: Phase II Study groups met May 22, 2009 Windstar – Populus Construction start: 2012 In service target: 2014 Populus – Hemingway Construction start: 2014 In service target: 2016 Energy Gateway West & Central

18 18 Gateway South NEPA Process Kicked Off WECC Phase II Status Study groups met May 22, 2009 Sigurd – Red Butte Multiple routes under review In service target: 2014 Aeolus – Mona & Red Butte – Crystal In service target: 2017 Energy Gateway South

19 19 Hemingway – Captain Jack 1500 MW - Increase reliability between PacifiCorps East and West Control Areas, relieve congested paths Idaho to Northwest and connect to resource centers in Wyoming to Southern Oregon loads; support renewable energy development. Regional Planning Report submitted to WECC in March, 2009 WECC Phase 1: Underway In service date: To be determined Hemingway – Captain Jack

20 20 400 MW - Reliable service for growing load; support new renewable energy development Phase 1 rating completed Phase 2 status in October, 2009 Permitting: Initial Use Permits have been issued BLM permit: to be determined Right-of-way acquisition: to be determined Estimated in-service date based on further review of resource development and queue requests, currently late 2011 Walla Walla – McNary

21 21 1500 MW - Meet Generation Interconnection & Network Integration Transmission Service Requests Phase 1 Comprehensive Progress Report was submitted to WECC for review Proposed corridor evaluation was completed in spring of 2009 Environmental critical issues analysis was completed in March 2009 Public process targeted for autumn 2009 Initiation of Permitting targeted for autumn 2009 Construction start targeted for Q1 of 2013 Project targeted for service in Q2 of 2015 Cascade Crossing Project

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