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Unscheduled Flow Administrative Subcommittee Report Robin Chung October 24, 2013 Anaheim, CA.

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1 Unscheduled Flow Administrative Subcommittee Report Robin Chung October 24, 2013 Anaheim, CA

2 2 Currently short Path 66 Operator Representative – full roster is on Next Meetings are January 8 and 9, 2014, and then May 28 and 29, 2014 2014 meeting dates have been set to better address high USF activity in Spring and Summer August webinar scheduled to review Summer activity and prepare for October in person meeting Membership and Meetings

3 3 Charter Discussion Yearly review required by charter Proposed changes: –Reaffirm UFAS role in collecting, reviewing and analyzing USF event data –Remove training materials requirement –Remove dispute resolution language –Remove involvement in WECC budgeting

4 4 Charter Closed Door Policy UFAS believes it appropriate to have a closed door policy in their charter Must have closed door policy approval WECC BOD before bringing charter changes to OC for approval Charter will then go back to BOD for approval in its entirety.

5 5 UFAS Membership Current membership is equal number of Path Operators, Device Operators and At- Large members Unlimited terms No Reliability Coordinator representation With possibility of Qualified Path deletion, membership further limited What does the OC think????

6 6 Current Dues Calculation For 2012 dues calculation we require: –Import, Export, Generation & Load Data for 2008, 2009 & 2010 –COPS hours for 2012 –PST O & M Costs for 2011 –Capped based on 1995 dues –Six different years being utilized in calculation! –13 largest entities pay more –Only WECC members are charged

7 7 Proposed Calculation Methodologies Option 1: By NERC Registration Option 2: EIA-714, EQR or comparable WECC data request Option 3: Hybrid – Weighted NERC Registration

8 8 By NERC Registration Divide PST costs equally by individual NERC functional entity registration One charge per functional registration o Excluding RC, RSG and IA Would capture all entities in WECC, not just WECC members Simplest and least cost to implement by far

9 9 Cost Per Registration - 2012 $3858 per registration Example: If an entity is registered as TO, TOP and GO, it would owe $11,574

10 10 EIA-714, EQR or Comparable WECC Data Request Would need comparable load, generation, import and export data from all WECC entities Data might currently reside in existing reports such as 714 and EQR Not all WECC entities file all reports. Specific WECC report would need to be developed for those who dont file Once reporting form developed, process would have to be developed to assess charges

11 11 Hybrid – Weighted NERC Registration Utilize NERC registry information and weight with Option 2 data Weight entities based on utilization of transmission outside of their immediate BA –50% on registration (base amount) and 50% based on weighted utilization –Various methods discussed on how to weight –Accuracy of weighting dependent on methodology chosen

12 12 Possible Weighting Methodologies Sum of imports and exports –Annual –Hourly Net imports/export –Annual –hourly Load versus generation Other possible methods?

13 13 Possible Alternative Weighting Methods Data would be collected automatically through webSAS (programming costs associated) Go back and look at tag data Need to determine which portion of tag information to utilize (which entities?) Need to determine time frame (entire year, during COPS, during USF?) MWhs used Gets complicated very fast!

14 14 Recommendation Option 1 – By NERC Registration Recognize its simplest and easiest to move forward Realize there may be little cost causation relationship between registration and USF Has been discussed for years – lets move forward and fix the problem! Can always revise after RCCO and ECC is settled

15 15 2013 Path 66 Update Continuing to look at Path Utilization Trend of lower scheduled usage versus path limit, fewer events, lower step events continues in 2013 Lower Actual Utilization so far in 2013: 69.4% compared to 74.04% in 2012 UFAS refining this data and starting to correlate percentage of path utilization to USF events

16 16 Path 30 Investigation 6 events from 2012 and 7 events from first part of 2013 have been chosen, data request has been fulfilled UFAS continues to have data sharing issues, several members of the subcommittee cannot see the data Temporarily halting this sort of event analysis until all members can view the data

17 17 15 Minute Scheduling Change Order 34, detailing changes to webSAS for 15 minute scheduling, expired October 2012 WECC staff expediting revised Change Order and implementation Risks of not implementing by November 2013 are minimal

18 18 FERC Filing Update Filing both Unscheduled Flow Reduction Guideline and updated regional reliability standard IRO-006-WECC-3 Cut by NERC priority, off-path, then on-path schedules via 16 bucket methodology Will result in fewer over all MW cuts and tag curtailments to reduce flows webSAS change order has been implemented with OATI

19 19 Other Meeting Activities Data share discussion is ongoing Continued coordination with the Enhanced Curtailment Calculator Advisory Task Force Discussions regarding the CISO/PAC EIM Market and its impact on Unscheduled Flow Mitigation

20 20 There are currently no Paths or Devices pending for disqualification Path 22 may be subject to disqualification in October 2013 Path and Device Qualification Status

21 21 Plan Year 19 (CY2013) activity as of July 2, 2013 has 748 hours of Coordinated Operations of Phase Shifters (COPS) with 227 hours of contributing schedule curtailments Total of 14,506 MWhs of Unscheduled Flow relief was provided by curtailments Primary users were Path 30 and 66 29 hours of competing path events to date, primarily between Path 30 & 36 and Path 30 & 66 UFAS investigating competing Path 66/Path 30 events Operating Statistics

22 Thank you! Questions?

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