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Putting it all together: Writing the final report.

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1 Putting it all together: Writing the final report

2 Overview Why write a final report? What are the main elements to include? Creative ways of reporting information Tips for communicating findings Next steps

3 Why write a final report? To share findings To build understanding and awareness among stakeholders To help with decision-making To demonstrate accountability

4 The final report: Main elements

5 Executive summary A plain language overview of the report Four main sections: The questions being addressed in the evaluation An introduction to the program Main activities Conclusions This section should be no longer than 3 pages.

6 Table of contents A listing of the different sections contained in the report A roadmap for what to expect Main sections + page numbers

7 Introduction An overview of the program being evaluated Main objectives of the evaluation Target population Program history Reasons for evaluating at this time Stakeholders Audience for evaluation A review of the literature This section should be about 5-7 pages long.

8 Methodology Overview of the evaluation plan (including the development/planning process) Logic model Evaluation questions Indicators and measures Data collection plan Analysis plan Anticipated challenges or limitations This section should be about 5-7 pages long.

9 Discussion and lessons learned Describe the challenges and successes related to… Collaborating and communicating with partners and stakeholders Developing an evaluation framework and the impact on the organization Working with the Centre This section should be about 4-6 pages long.

10 Recommendations and next steps 1-3 insights related to the experience of developing an evaluation framework 1-3 recommendations for your organization about how to move forward with evaluation Suggestions to the Centre to help improve their level of support and training This section should be about 1-3 pages long.

11 Knowledge exchange Overview of activities related to communicating and/or disseminating the evaluation framework Plans for knowledge exchange activities during implementation Plans to ensure the use of findings from the evaluation This section should be about 1-3 pages long.

12 References and appendices References: Alphabetical summary of sources cited throughout the paper APA format Appendices: Additional information on the program Additional information on framework Measures that will be used Ethics forms

13 Stepping outside the box: Creative ways of communicating information Photographs Cartoons Poetry


15 Tips for communicating findings Consider your audience Emphasize evaluation as a tool for learning and guiding improvement Write with clarity: Use the right word in the right place Gained a lot out of this experience… Tenants of multiculturalism… Avoid awkward sentences Avoid rambling, run-on sentences Avoid sentence fragments

16 Try to use examples or statements that substantiate your point Beware of grammatical errors: I learned that if they do X, a woman can experience Y Write, proofread, and re-write

17 Your final report should include… Logic model The measures matrix An analysis plan

18 Next Steps April 30: Final report due May 1 to 14: Exit surveys May 1 to 14: Evaluation readiness assessment for the Evaluation Implementation Grants June 2: Deadline for EIG grant applications June webinar: The road to data collection

19 Questions? Dr. Purnima Sundar Research and Knowledge Exchange Consultant 613.737.7600 Ext. 3485

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