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Mr. A’s Personality Poster Economics Higley High School Curriculum Night Welcome Parents!

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1 Mr. A’s Personality Poster Economics Higley High School Curriculum Night Welcome Parents!

2 Hello!  Welcome to my class!  I am so glad you are here!  Please sign in!  Make sure you take a parent night handout for my class!

3 Mr. Anderson’s Qualifications  I like teenagers.  BA from Bethel College  Master of Science from Indiana University  Highly Qualified and Properly Certified  National Board Certified (2007)  Over 10 years of teaching experience.

4 About the Family

5 I like to hike and travel locally

6 My Likes

7 Dislikes  Apathy  Sugary Candy  Complaining

8 What will students be doing in class?  Learning and applying historic and economic knowledge to current events.

9  Analyzing events and determining cause effect relationships regarding the economy. What will students be doing in class?

10  Constructing knowledge and info using media.

11  Using thinking maps to learn and categorize information What will students be doing in class?

12  Learning personal finance planning and investing techniques.

13 How will students be graded?  Semester Grade will be determined by the following formula: 85% - Homework and projects -Bell-work (FMA’s) and Participation -Quizzes (weekly) and tests (monthly), 15% - Final Exam (end of semester)

14 What are the rules?  The rules are in the syllabus online.  Basically if your student respect others and treats others as he/she would like to be treated we won’t have any issues.

15 Guidelines for Students  I have several guidelines that should help students settle in to a rhythm that will keep them out of “trouble”.

16 Guideline #1 Be in your assigned seat and working on the assigned bell work when the tardy bell rings. Note: This does NOT mean you are running in the door as the bell is ringing.

17 Guideline #2 Bring ALL materials to class and take them with you when you leave.

18 Guideline #3 Follow directions the first time they are given.

19 Guideline #4 Treat each person in this room with respect and dignity.

20 Guideline #5 Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the HHS and HUSD handbooks.

21 Guideline #6  No Food or Drinks  Water is allowed in clear containers!

22 What happens if I don’t follow the rules?  1 st Warning and documentation  2 nd Lunch or after school detention (my choice!)  3 rd Parental Contact  4th Disciplinary Referral

23 Severe Clause  Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property (this includes the property of the teacher and other students), or is severely disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

24 Classroom Procedures

25 Getting student attention I DO NOT Yell therefore I will:  Stand in front of the class  Raise my hand  Wait for everyone to be quiet  Begin speaking

26 Classroom Discussions  I want to hear what students say  Students should make all questions and comments relevant to the current discussion  If a question is off the topic, then students should write it down and ask later.

27 Moving around the room  Students may move around the room when they need to if it is work time. Please stay seated at other times.  Do not ask to move around during lecture or a classroom discussion unless it is an emergency.

28 After an excused absence  Look in the homework folder and at the assignment verification list on the bulletin board.  Copy the homework from the Assignment sheet  Retrieve any handouts  Please note— all lessons and notes are posted for students on my website—more on that in a minute.

29 Mr. A’s Webpage Info  I post all of my class material and daily assignments in on my school website:  To Get there without the address above: Go to Then click on schools and choose Higley High Then click on Teacher Pages Click Don Anderson Material arranged by unit down left-hand side.

30 Remember… I am always just an email or phone call away! Have a fantastic School Year! Mr. Anderson

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