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FMS. 2 Fires Terrorism Internal Sabotage Natural Disasters System Failures Power Outages Pandemic Influenza COOP/ Disaster Recovery/ Emergency Preparedness.

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2 2 Fires Terrorism Internal Sabotage Natural Disasters System Failures Power Outages Pandemic Influenza COOP/ Disaster Recovery/ Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Protecting Mission Essential and Critical Business Functions from Threats, Such As:

3 3 About OpsPlanner Centrally manage all emergency planning, disaster recovery, incident response, and COOP/BCP/DR activities Maintain one central repository for all emergency planning documents. Access emergency preparedness, response, disaster recovery, and COOP/BCP/DR plans and documents from any computer with Internet access. Facilitate collaboration among staff at all agency facilities. Provide for instant notification of all agency staff and accountability of all staff following any emergency. OpsPlanner is an enterprise emergency preparedness and response planning tool that will enable an agency to:

4 4 OpsPlanner Features & Benefits Features Benefits Easy to Use Expensive and extensive training not required Fully Integrated Everything is included for planning, management, and automated notification Web-Based Build and manage comprehensive continuity plans that can be accessed from any location at any time Comprehensive Extensive features and functionality that supports your entire continuity program Centralized Plan Repository One location where all the latest plans and related documents can be found Proven Process & Methodology Based on best practices that guides your team through all the phases of a successful continuity program

5 5 OpsPlanner Modules Collaboration Planning Recovery Notification

6 6 Collaborate Collaborate – Facilitates and provides for centralized management of planning and recovery activities Features Benefits Plan Audit Validate plan integrity Document Repository Store and access essential documents Survey Tools Centrally manage information-gathering activities Dependency Mapping Define critical infrastructure and resources and map interdependencies and impacts Announcements and Tasks Coordinate communication and program activities among all team members Continuity Road Maps Guide on emergency planning best practices

7 7 Plan Plan – Centrally manage planning activities at all agency locations Features Benefits Hierarchical Plan Organization Arrange plans by business unit or location Document-like Plan Writing and Editing Reduce training costs and frustration and increases productivity Plan Templates Create uniform plan format and structure across all locations Automatic Plan Reminders and Tracking Automate tracking of planning activities and plan maintenance Exportability of Plans to PDF Format Can print plans and share plans in a format that cant be edited Attach Documents Easily May include any supporting documents such as photos, floorplans, maps, etc.

8 8 Recover Recover – Provides effective, real- time incident management FeaturesBenefits Plan Testing Ability to assess a plan before a disruption Automatic Logging of Activities Audit trail for application security and as evidence for GAO, IG, and other audits Activate Plans and Track Progress in Real Time Manage task performance throughout the event Whiteboard Exchange information and documents during the emergency Event Dashboard Manage all recovery elements and activities from one screen Real-time Plan Modification Ability to make changes to the plan as dictated by real-time events on the ground

9 9 Notify Notify – Provides stakeholder notification and accountability Features Benefits High-speed Notification Provides simultaneous and nearly instantaneous contact for all stakeholders Multiple Device Notification Configurable for up to five contact devices per individual, including landline, email, cell phone, and pager Real-time Response Enables agency to validate employee availability and time of availability, and allows for customized and automated information-gathering during a crisis Conference Bridging Enables real-time two-way communication Status Tracking Provides real-time accountability of stakeholder contact success/failure

10 10 Consolidate Entire Enterprise Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Program … Were in Business to Keep You in Business: Integrates planning, incident management, & notification in one Web- enabled tool Improves communication, reduces risks, and speeds recovery through better cooperation Easy to use and flexible to work with existing documents Scalable to support the entire enterprise Fits your budget without compromising performance Existing plans can be easily integrated Hosting method options to fit your environment OpsPlanner Advantages

11 11 Consulting Services COOP/DR professionals are available with extensive knowledge and expertise in federal COOP planning, emergency management, and disaster recovery We work closely with you to prepare your emergency preparedness, response, disaster recovery, and COOP plans: Perform audit of existing plans Perform risk assessments Conduct business impact analysis Prepare mitigation strategies Build recovery processes and teams Develop comprehensive plans Formulate information technology disaster recovery plans Test, train, exercise (TT&E) plan creation and program management Pandemic planning program support

12 12 Pandemic Response Planning Create plans that are compliant with the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Conduct business impact analysis that can help predict impact to staff and operations Provide TT&E program support to ensure operational capability during a pandemic event Provide coordination with external agencies for pandemic planning and response Plan for and test telework capabilities of staff working from remote locations

13 13 Paradigm Solutions 9715 Key West Ave. Rockville, MD 20850 (301) 468-1200 Contact Us One source for the software, consulting staff, and experience to help with all aspects of your emergency preparedness and response program.

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