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Dutch – Hungarian Exchange 2009-2010 UD EN bapest.

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1 Dutch – Hungarian Exchange 2009-2010 UD EN bapest

2 My exchange partner is Danique. I felt very good in her home. Her family is very kind. The programs were enjoyable. I could wear some old-fashioned Dutch clothes on the family day. The Dutch food is delicious. So we had a great time together. Dank u wel everything. Danique and me

3 Jona I enjoyed everything when I was together with Jona. We laughed a lot when we were on her bicycle and we almost fell. Her family is very nice and I like that her mother cooked. I am pleased to meet you. I will miss you.Thank you for everything.

4 I really enjoyed this week in Holland with Niels. I think he and his family are very nice. His mother can cook as good as my mother. I almost felt safe when his brother drove. Niels and Me

5 Tim He is a very nice guy and a big partyface. This week was very fantastic with his family. He has a very nice dog, Bobby. ♥ Thanks for everything.

6 Marco But this week was very tiring also the weather was cold and rainy. I love Holland, I´d live here! He and his family was very helpful and nice with me. The parties were cool. I felt/feel very good here! Bedankt voor alles!

7 That was the best exchange program ever!!! My pair was Aafke, we both share some habits. We are always late, we like The Veronicas, and love parties, and of course our favourite color is the RED. Her family is very lovely, they were very friendly with me. Her parents are the best ever, and her siblings are so funny and also very kind. She has got a lot of friends and she always introduced me some of them. And during this week my bike skills became a bit better. we had a great time in Holland. Ik hou van jou!!! Aafke and Me <3

8 Lynn & Dorikaah (:

9 Liza & Me Thanks for everything, I really enjoyed this week. Your parents and your siblings are very kind and friendly. But now I am afraid of the bicycle. I hope we will see each other. Ik hou van jou:)

10 Nanda is my exchange partner. We had a good time together. Her family was very kind. Nanda likes horses just like I do. So one day we went to ride horses. I loved it. On the family day we went to see a horse race. I like Dutch food. I felt good on the programs. Thank you for everything. Nanda and me

11 She is my Big Girl! We have a lot of funny memories! She is a little crazy and very funny girl so she is a little bit like me! She has a very kind family. She speaks Hungarian very well. ;) I love her very much!!!(L) I will never forget you!

12 Anne Anne is such a funny, sweet and nice girl. I liked every moment with her. She always wanted to make me happy, and she could.:) Her mother is very cute as well, mainly when she is tring to speak in English. Danke weij everything.

13 My little girl and me Thanks that I could spend this time here with you and my friends. Your family is lovely. I love your cat also. I was afraid of this trip here (bikes, weather…) but now I know that something is different it does not mean it is bad. Thanks for the bike that I got. And thanks for the parties together also. Lynn and me houdt ook van jouw! I hope we will see each other again.

14 Avalon I am very happy because I spent with you this week. It was very wonderful. Your family was very nice and sweet. And your cat is cute. I thank you for everything. I will miss you!!!!!

15 Me and my partner She is my partner. She is too funny. I had a good week. I think I am a farmer now... On the family day we were swimming and we celebrated Anouk’s birthday (say everybody Happy Birthday Anouk because today she is sweet 16) after that I learnt everything about farm because her father told me everything about it. I enjoyed it. The first sentence what I learnt this year: ‘’Kom Larah’’(The dog name is Larah) I want to say thank you for everything. I enjoyed the week. You are my best partner… Ik hou van jou  Szeretlek :) by:Krisztina

16 Geoffrey He is the best exchange partner, who I’ve ever had. Geoffrey is a really good dancer, I like his style. His mother cooks very well. She’s a very nice person. I enjoyed this week a lot. Thanks a lot for everything.

17 My partner and me Thank you for this week Thank you for everything I never forget you and this week I hope we will see each other again! Ik hou van jou

18 Niels, you are a very lovely and crazy person. I like you and your family. Your parents are very friendly with me. Your little brother, Luuk is a very cute boy. I thought, I could ride on bike, but now I know that I can’t. The family day was very interesting. I enjoyed this week. Thank you for everything. I will miss you. Ik hou van jou  I like you  Szeretlek Niels and me!! Me and my partner, Niels!!

19 Jaleesa & Niki I enjoyed this week. I thank you so much for everything. I hope we will meet again in Holland and in Hungary. Your family is very kind. I love you and I will miss you.

20 My partner and me

21 Ilse I really enjoyed this week. I think we had a lot of fun together, and I like her family so much. She is a very nice and talkative girl, and I think usually we understood each other. And I hope, we will see each other in the future. “skatja”

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