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11.1 Simplifying Radical Expressions

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1 11.1 Simplifying Radical Expressions
Definitions 2 Simplifying Radicals 3 Practice Problems

2 Definitions

3 Perfect Squares

4 How a Square Root Works

5 Simplifying Square Roots
Steps Factor the radicand into the product of the largest factor that is a perfect square Separate the square root into 2 separate square roots Solve the perfect square Check to make sure you can’t factor the radicand by another perfect square

6 Simplifying a Square Root Example

7 Multiplying Square Roots
Steps Multiply the real numbers & leave outside the square root Multiply the radicands to each other & leave inside the square root Simplify the square root if possible

8 Multiplying a Square Root Example

9 Multiplying a Square Root Example

10 Simplifying a Square Root with Variables
Steps Rewrite the variable as a square using the exponent rules Squares (2nd power) will cancel with square roots

11 Square Root Variable Example

12 Putting It All Together

13 Putting It All Together (Cont.)

14 Practice Problems Page Problems 4-8, 14-25 NO WORK = NO CREDIT

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