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Satellite View of Europe Europe ’ s Latitude v. US.

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2 Satellite View of Europe

3 Europe ’ s Latitude v. US

4 Continents by Size (sq. km.) Asia44,579,000Africa30,065,000 North America 24,256,000 South America 17,819,000 Antarctica13,209,000 Europe Europe9,938,000 Oceania (incl. Australia) Oceania (incl. Australia) 7,687,000


6 Europe: An Asian Peninsula? Should it be Eurasia and not Europe and Asia?

7 Peninsula of Peninsulas  Europe is a large peninsula that consists of many smaller peninsulas  Most places in Europe are no more than 300 miles from an ocean or sea

8 Northern Peninsulas Jutland Peninsula Scandinavian Peninsula

9 Northern Peninsulas Scandinavian and Jutland (Denmark) at or below sea level. Low Countries Polder Land: Land in the low countries that has been reclaimed from the sea. Dikes: Flood Walls Glaciations and Fjords: Deep ocean inlets cut by glaciers

10 Holland ’ s Dikes- a Low Country





15 Amsterdam ’ s Canals




19 Norwegian Fjords Glaciers cut deep valleys in the ocean during the Ice Age. Glaciers cut deep valleys in the ocean during the Ice Age.




23 Southern Peninsulas Iberian Peninsula Italian Peninsula Balkan Peninsula

24 Southern Peninsulas Iberian Peninsula Includes Spain and Portugal Strait of Gibraltar Narrow strip of water separates Europe and Africa Italian (Apennine) Peninsula : Italy Mt. Vesuvius: Active Italian volcano near Naples, that destroyed ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Balkan Peninsula: Mountains peninsula contains Greece


26 Iberian Peninsula

27 Strait of Gibraltar

28 Mt. Vesuvius




32 Europe’s Islands Iceland Viking Territory, considered part of Scandinavia. British Isles Great Britain Big Island, contains England, Scotland, and Wales Isle of Ireland (The Emerald Isle) Contains Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, part of the U.K. Great Britain Island of Ireland


34 Mediterranean Islands Sicily Sardinia Corsica Crete Cyprus: In territorial dispute between Greece and Turkey

35 Mt. Etna, Sicily An active volcano An active volcano

36 ElevationElevation Alps Carpathians Caucasus Urals Pyrennes Apennines

37 Southern Mountains Pyrenees Separate Spain and France. Alps Isolate the Italian peninsula. Rhine and Po Rivers Both begin in the Alps Balkan Peninsula: Balkan means mountains, the Balkans are very mountainous Carpathian Mountains: Run through Eastern Europe

38 The Alps Cover most of Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Italy and France. Cover most of Switzerland, Austria, and parts of Italy and France.




42 Transylvania in the Carpathian Mountains  Home of Vlad Tepeš, the Drakul ( “ Count Dracula ” )

43 Mt. Blanc in the Alps e Highest mountain in the Alps: 15,771 feet

44 The Alps and Matterhorn

45 Plains Regions North European Plain Plain region beginning in northern France and extending through Russia. Most of the population lives here and most agriculture is here. Loess: Fine, rich, windblown soil which covers the North European Plain.

46 Water Systems Rivers and Canals Link the countries of Europe together. Rhine River Most important river in western Europe. Thames England Danube Flows through Germany to the Black Sea

47 Rhine River Longest river in Germany An important waterway for trade Begins in Switzerland, winds through Germany, France, Luxembourg, & The Netherlands



50 The Danube River  Flows through the 12 countries of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and the Ukraine. Where Buda & Pest Meet Biking Along the Danube


52 Seine Flows through Paris. Rhone French Rivers Po N. Italy Agricultural region. RhoneRhone

53 Why are most of the capitals of Europe on major rivers??

54 Capitals on the Rivers (1) Paris, right bank of the Seine London on the Thames Prague on the Vltava Budapest on the Danube

55 Capitals on the Rivers (2) Berlin on the Spree Moscow on the Moscow River Rome on the Tiber Vienna on the Danube

56 River Text Message Write a text message with at least 5 facts about an assigned European river. Utilize texting language Grade will be based on facts and creativity!!! IU2U to get a good grade!

57 The English Channel Small body of water that separates England from France 350 miles long In the past, it was used as a good system of defense for England An important waterway for trade



60 The Chunnel The Chunnel is a tunnel that runs underneath the English Channel and connects Britain to France. Cars must ride in a train..... $56.00 toll



63 The Mediterranean Sea: Mare Nostrum e 2,400 miles long & 1,000 miles wide e “Crossroads of 3 Continents” Caesarea on the Israeli coast Strait of Gibraltar & the “Pillars of Hercules”

64 Mediterranean Sea Important route for trade & cultural exchange “Crossroads for 3 continents” (Europe, Africa, & Asia) Covers an area of 965,000 square miles Name means “in the middle of the earth” (surrounded by land)




68 Natural Resources Coal: The U.K, Germany, Ukraine, and Poland. Many fields are untouched because they are too expensive to mine. Peat: Vegetable matter found in swamps and bogs which can be burned for fuel. Minerals: Bauxite, Zinc and Manganese. Countries also use other sources of energy such as natural gas, and nuclear power.

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