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Community Landscape Asset Mapping

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1 Community Landscape Asset Mapping
Chicago Department of Public Health Chicago Center for Community Partnerships Jessica Hooberman, MPH

2 Background CCCP grew out of citywide planning body
Coalition development Strategic planning Capacity building Local decision-making as opposed to city level

3 A l b a n y P r k H e m o s u t i C h c g L w S N d : \ j _ 1 - 4 3 .
# A l b a n y P r k H e m o s u t i C h c g L w S N d : \ j _ 1 - 4 3 .

4 Community Landscape Asset Mapping (CLAM)
Used as element of assessment phase of planning process Developed in Chicago by Lawndale Health Promotion Project and University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health Input from community residents and other stakeholders

5 CLAM theory Health inequities classified by 4 types of landscapes:
Ecological: air, water, safety Materialist: presence of resources such as employment opportunities Consumption: resources for purchase Therapeutic: opportunities for promoting a sense of well-being

6 CLAM methodology 3 surveys to capture the 4 landscapes
Looking Around (census block level) Vacant lots, parks, police, gang tags, schools, beauty shops, etc. Grocery Shopping Variety of fresh produce, meats, quality of foods, presence of tobacco and alcohol, etc. Eating Out Menu options, quality, cleanliness, cost, etc.

7 CLAM methodology Conducted in all five communities
Coalition members adapt as appropriate Residents hired and trained CDPH analyzes data Coalitions use results to help identify strategic issues

8 Healthy Chicago Lawn example
Results Healthy Chicago Lawn example



11 43 food stores 70% sell tobacco products 37% sell fresh produce Majority with fresh produce are located in northern half of community 20% of the population must travel ½ mile or more to get to the nearest food store with produce

12 Innovative projects Grocery store initiative Information sharing
Locally and citywide Information sharing More informed decision-making Targeted interventions

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