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Philippine Cybercrime Efforts

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1 Philippine Cybercrime Efforts
Addressing the threat of cybercrime

2 Agenda Policy, Strategy, Plans and Programs
Cybersecurity Organizations Issues and Concerns

3 “This National Cyber Security Plan shall be the cornerstone of the country’s Cyber Security Policy. It is a necessary instrument to guide us in creating a more secure and stable environment for our country’s growth”

4 Cybersecurity Strategy
reinforces current policy and operational measures to reduce vulnerability in the cyberspace under Philippine jurisdiction; nurtures a culture of cyber security amongst users and critical sectors; and strengthens self-reliance in terms of information security technologies and human resources.

5 CICT established the Cybersecurity Coordinator in order to address cyber related vulnerabilities and oversee the full implementation of the Cyber Security Plan


7 National Cyberspace Security Coordination
National Coordination for Cyberspace Security National Cyberspace Security Coordination



10 Cyber Security Center

11 Cyber Security Center


13 Cyber Crime Unit and Computer Forensic Labs
Zamboanga City General Santos City Davao City

14 Police Training Courses on Cyber Crime
EnCase Intermediate Analysis and Reporting Cyber Incident Response Train the Trainer Cell Phone Forensic Advance Computer Forensic Investigation and Seizure of Digital Evidence Digital Forensic Investigation

15 PNP-CIDG serves as: Asia Pacific Economic Countries (APEC) 24 x 7 Contact Person on Cyber Crimes Interpol Asia – South Pacific Working Party on Information Technology Crimes INTERPOL 24/7 Contact person on High Tech Crimes.

16 PNP partners in investigating cybercrimes:
U.S. – High Technology Crime Consortium International – High Technology Crime Investigation Associations U.S – National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) Asia – Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (AP – CERT) Cyber Crime Technology Information Network system (CTINS) Asia Pacific Economic Countries (APEC) Interpol Asia – South Pacific Working Party on Information Technology Crimes INTERPOL

17 Government Security Program

18 Cyber Security Training

19 Cyber Security Assessment

20 Legislation

21 Child Online Protection
create a safe IT environment for Children launch information campaign to the industry and government to take responsibility for making online and interactive technologies safe.

22 Cyber Security Awareness

23 Cyber Security Awareness with Government CIOs

24 Cyber Defense Capability Building

25 Issues that confront law enforcers:
Non-cooperation from the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telcos Lack of computer forensic equipments and computer forensic application Absence of computer literate judges and prosecutors Lack of specialized training for law enforcers to address cyber crime The existing cyber crime law is insufficient to cover the vast area of cyber crime

26 Strategic Issues and Concerns
ON POLCY AND LEGAL REGIME There is still a need to pass / enact a law that shall institutionalize and empower the current initiatives or ad hoc organizations There is a need to increase the effort to educate the legislators, regulators and administrator in order to facilitate the passage of relevant policies, regulations and laws to address cybercrime

27 Strategic Issues and Concerns
ON RESOURCE PLANNING There is a need to complement the policies with the necessary resources to implement such policies and ensure compliance among stakeholders There is a need to develop a technology research management capability in order to address the required innovation and adaptation

28 Strategic Issues and Concerns
INCIDENT RESPONSE There is still a need to standardize the policies, technical platforms, and operational procedures in order to facilitate the required information exchange between and among the incident responders There is a need to develop a education and certification mechanism in order to create a critical mass of local cyber security experts

29 Strategic Issues and Concerns
CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT There is a need for the government to empower its human resources in order to become competitive based on industry standards in order for the government to acquire and maintain skilled required cyber specialists

30 Strategic Issues and Concerns
ON EDUCATION AND INFORMATION CAMPAIGN There is need to institutionalize and sustain the development, production, dissemination of related information materials There is a need to escalate to the relevant policy-making bodies the need for the adoption of global standards and its customization to local settings in addressing cybercrime such as, among others: EU Convention on Cybercrime; Interpol Cybercrime Manual.

31 Strategic Issues and Concerns
PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COOPERATION There is a need to further establish a confidence building amongst the CII regulators and stakeholders in terms of sharing experiences in encountering and handling cyber incidents with an end view of comprehensively understand and assess the impact of cybercrime to the national economy and security. There is need to enhance the Public and Private sector partnership in inculcating the cyber security culture

32 End of Presentation Cybersecurity : Addressing the threat of cybercrime Office of the National Cyber security Coordination

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