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Decision Point 3 - Immediate crisis has been stabilised References: ARF HA/DR SOPs (Draft) ARF DEDR Exercise Instruction.

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1 Decision Point 3 - Immediate crisis has been stabilised References: ARF HA/DR SOPs (Draft) ARF DEDR Exercise Instruction

2 What are the triggers for the withdrawal of SN militaries from the HN? Who coordinates the transition from Military activities being conducted by a HN to the enduring support operations required during the recovery phase? –There are several possibilities for the triggers: They could be supplied as a time or duration of support from either the HN or SN. They could be aligned to the agreed MOE. It could be driven by a functional assessment each capability being provided –Is the support need being met by UN/NGO/Civil capabilities? –Is the immediate military support capability still required? –The coordination of the transition should be the responsibility of the HN with support from the other key stakeholders – Coordination and collaboration essential The key is continued engagement and consultation amongst the stakeholders with the Host Nation. Militaries will commence planning for their withdrawal as soon as they get into the area. Successful transition required careful detailed planning and continuous engagement by all stakeholders –Include in SOP a guide of generic indicators which could be used to assist determination of transition triggers –Transition of authority to the HN should say transition of capabilities to the HN

3 HN & its civil organizations have primary responsibility. SN Military is in support (security, relief, affected population support, technical assistance & consequence management). Need for Assistance Local / National Response International Military Relief International Civilian Relief Time Emergency Relief Phase Transition Point Rehabilitation / Reconstruction

4 How should the ARF SN prepare and plan for the sustained civil support to the HN during the recovery and reconstruction phases? –There are several factors for implementing sustained civil support. SN will likely engage bilaterally with the HN for the negotiation of sustained HA/DR support SN may use the UN, NGO and IO as an avenue for sustained support in the affected areas. –ARF support nation could work through UN OCHA to have them undertake the planning for sustained civil support but through bilateral arrangements Coordination and communication will assist in managing expectations and interpretation of commitments –SOPs Requires more detail on options for the tools for Supporting Nations to provide support in the longer term

5 What happens if the situation deteriorates with either a new disaster or a second order crisis as a result of the initial disaster (e.g disease epidemic)? –Contingent planning and preventative measures for the onset of secondary pandemeics/ disasters should be ongoing throughout the relief effort. This planning will be assisted by an up to date COP and good communication amongst stakeholders and the timely implementation of plans. –The HN CCC and any supporting coordination centre has a large responsibility in ensuring that planning and preventative measures are undertaken. –As far as SN support, the timing of when a secondary disaster hits will determine the flexibility and timeliness of response. If it occurs while SN support, both civil and military, are still on the ground then it is likely that the reaction and response will be swift and in accordance with contingent plans. If it is after the SN main effort has withdrawn (military and Civil) then the whole process of assessment, offers and deployment would have to take place albeit an abridged version. –Contingent planning and preparations are the key mitigation measures

6 Discussion

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