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Export Controls: National Experiences

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1 Export Controls: National Experiences
TH IL ND A A Export Controls: National Experiences

2 Backdrop of 1st ISM: Global
Optimism on disarmament : US / Russia commitment towards nuclear-weapon-free world and positive atmosphere and progress in relevant international arenas Concerns on proliferation : States and non-State actors

3 Backdrop of 1st ISM: ASEAN
WMD-free Southeast Asia enshrined in the ASEAN Charter Increasing interest in nuclear energy for peaceful purposes Address nuclear safety and security in an integrated manner Nuclear safety addressed in AMEM, ASEAN+3, ANSN, FNCA Nuclear safeguard and security addressed in SEANWFZ

4 Thailand: Chairmanship of SEANWFZ
SEANWFZ (Southeast Asia Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone) Participated in the Meeting of Focal Points of NWFZ, Mongolia, April 2009 Promoting accession by all NWS UNGA Resolution on SEANWFZ at the 64th UNGA

5 Role of ISM and ARF Fill a niche in regional cooperation on WMD non-proliferation Promote policy dialogue on WMD non-proliferation and disarmament Promote coordination and cooperation A forum for consultation, networking and sharing of best practices

6 Thailand: Commitment to WMD non-proliferation
Party to NPT CWC BWC Safeguard Agreements Signatory to CTBT Additional Protocol Participation in CSI and Megaport Initiative

7 Thailand: Export Controls
Regulating Legislations Nuclear: The Atomic for Peace Act (1961) Chemical: The Hazardous Substance Act (1992) Biological: Pathogens and Toxins Act (2001) Disease Control Act (1980) Conventional arms: Exportation of Arms, Armament and War Implement Act (1952) The Munitions of War Control Act (1987) Dual-use goods The Export and Import of Goods Act (1979)

8 Thailand: Export Controls
Regulating agencies Nuclear: Office of Atoms for Peace, Ministry of Energy Chemical: Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry Biological: Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health Conventional arms: Ministry of Defence Dual-use goods: Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce

9 Thailand: Export Controls (dual-use goods)
Compelling reasons for developing export control of dual-use goods Facilitate trade and investment Comply with UNSC Resolutions Prevent transfer of dual-use goods for non-peaceful purposes

10 Thailand: Export Controls (dual-use goods)
Steps taken Established (March 2008) a working group to setup a dual-use-goods export control system Comprises 14 agencies Both public and private sector national control list (based on EU list) in process of submission to Cabinet

11 Thailand: Export Controls (dual-use goods)
Steps Taken (2) Establishment of a national export control committee (NECC) in process of submission to Cabinet Once established, NECC will Formulate and review policy and strategy Monitor and oversee development of the national control list, implementation and law enforcement Inter-agency coordination

12 Thailand: Export Controls (dual-use goods)
Steps Taken (3) Capacity building and Outreach Training for officials / private sector Seminar and industry outreach Visits

13 Thailand: Export Controls
Challenges and Constraints Monitoring and control effective coordination mechanism / systematic inter-agencies cooperation required adequate resources and capacity Developing a national export control list determining national tariff nomenclature Private sector’s concerns Speed of licensing procedure misperception on export requirements

14 Thailand: Export Controls
Sources of Assistance The United States: Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program, Department of State Japan: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

15 Thailand: Export Controls
Recommendations Capacity building for countries in need Sharing of best practices Development of common control list (may start from ASEAN, based on EU list) Way forward for ISM Develop contact points Develop work plan CSCAP recommendations can be used as inputs

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