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Google Analytics Top Five Reports By: Errett Cord

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1 Google Analytics Top Five Reports By: Errett Cord Email: Twitter: @errettcord

2 Track the effect of (not provided) Google's decision to encrypt search referral data means that many sites now have a lot less to work with when tracking SEO keywords, and you are no different. Many sites have been hit hard and to the extent that more than 40% of our organic search referrals are (not provided). With this encryption spreading to Firefox and iOS6, this trend will continue.

3 Time of Day Report This report will allow you can see which days of the week are most popular, and use the data to experiment with your publishing schedule:

4 Unique Visitors by Page This custom report gives you the data I was looking for above. Installing it shows you the Unique Visitors by Page. Clicking on any URL shown to view that page's source (i.e., Google, referral) and you can also at this stage segment this by Medium (i.e., Google organic, Bing CPC, etc). Clicking on the Source associated with your chosen Medium will display the keywords that brought people to this page. With this report you are finally able to understand what keywords ultimately drove unique visitors to each page. Get Report Get Report

5 Top Converting Landing Pages This Google Analytics custom report shows you your Top Landing Pages and how they are performing based upon goal completions and the values of these goals. I've included New vs. Return Visitors here because (especially on Landing Pages) it's important to see how new customers are motivated by your site. This report can be a great one to share with your client to get the conversation started about fixing underperforming pages. It's also a great reminder that you should always set Goal Values! Get Report

6 Keyword Analysis The keyword report looks at your most popular keywords (minus the “Not Provided” keywords) and shows visitor metrics, conversion rates, goal completions and page load time. Other tabs also show engagement and revenue metrics. Keyword ReportKeyword Report

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