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COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TONERWEB Simplified Supplies Ordering presented by.

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1 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TONERWEB Simplified Supplies Ordering presented by

2 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TonerWeb - an Overview TonerWeb is a web facility offered by Famill IT that aims to simplify the ordering of supplies. It was originally designed for laser printers but can also be used for any other consumable or recurring purchase. It is particularly effective for companies that have multiple branches or offices. It enables any branch office to order supplies on their own behalf while allowing head office to keep control of the costs and monitor orders as they are placed. TonerWeb also aims to save the company money by consolidating all their supplies and negotiating volume discounts on their behalf with the relevant manufacturers. Famill has been supplying printers and supplies for over 20 years and has very good relationships with all the major printer manufacturers.

3 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TonerWeb - Features and Benefits FEATURE Web based ordering with password access Reliability & accuracy Ease of Use Consistently low prices Quality supplies Monthly reports Reduced administration BENEFIT Orders can be placed by any approved employee but Head Office retains control. No need for the employee to spend time looking for part numbers, prices etc. Using pictures of the printers ensure that the user orders the correct cartridge for the correct printer. Ordering is a very simple point and click process. Minimal training is required. The price for all consumables are based on a volume discount and agreed beforehand. We only supply the genuine manufacturers products. Compatibles often cause problems - even damage. Monthly reports are produced showing the supplies purchased by branch, type or department etc Famill can consolidate all purchases made through the system to a single weekly or monthly invoice.

4 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TonerWeb was originally created for a customer who has over 70 retail stores, many of them manned by people with little or no knowledge of printers. By consolidating their requirements under the TonerWeb system they now get much better pricing, better quality toners and far fewer mistakes. We believe we can deliver these same benefits to other companies too. To show you how it works, we have setup a demonstration customer called Northwind Traders. In the following slides we will illustrate how their Melbourne office would order 2 sets of toners and 1 waste bottle for their Lexmark C780 colour laser printer. You can copy this process on the internet if you wish. You may also order other consumables for the same office if you want to see how it feels. If you think the TonerWeb system could be of benefit your company, please contact us. Our contact details are on the final slide. TonerWeb – a Demonstration

5 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 TonerWeb Login To start: In your internet address bar enter: (there is no www or @ necessary) Login with the following details: Company Code:Northwind Site / Brach Code:Melb Password:melb1 Note: Each branch has a unique code and password. This is may be specified or changed by the company administrator.

6 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Selecting Your Printer Step 1: You will now be presented with the tonerweb page thats been set up for the Melbourne office of Northwind Traders. If your company has several branches, there will be a different page (showing different printers) for each branch. The important feature here is that only the printers you have in your office will be displayed on this page. This helps to avoid confusion over different models and part numbers. We are going to assume that you need to purchase 2 toners of each colour and 1 waste bottle for the Lexmark C780 colour laser printer. Click onto the picture of this printer and then click on NEXT. Note: Some sites have too many printers to fit onto a page and it becomes difficult to use. In this case, the printers are displayed in list form..

7 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Selecting the Consumables Step 2: Now you will get a screen that shows you all the toners or other consumables available for this printer. The toners offered are restricted to those that have been agreed with the supplies purchasing officer prior to the page being put up. Put a 1 in the box next to the waste bottle and 2 in the box of each toner cartridge and press NEXT Note: Only the toners that have been pre-approved by the company administrator will be offered on this page. Prices will also have been agreed to before they are included.

8 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Step 3: If you wanted to order supplies for another of your printers, you would click on Yes and press NEXT. You would then be taken back to the list of printers (step 1) where you could select another printer. In this case, we have ordered all we want so we click on No and then on NEXT Add More Supplies Note: The prices can be hidden if preferred

9 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Delivery Details Step 4: This is where you check the delivery address and contact details. This is also where you enter the purchase order number if this is required. Note: The delivery address shown cannot be changed. If it needs to be changed it requires the approval of the company administrator

10 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Step 5: This is the final confirmation screen and where you actually place the order. Check that all the details are correct and press ORDER Confirmation of Order Note: Whenever an order is placed, an advisory email is automatically sent to the company administrator who can therefore monitor orders as they are placed and has the opportunity to intervene if necessary.

11 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Complete the Order Step 6: The order is now completed and has been sent to Famill for processing. You should receive an order acknowledgement from us soon. Your last task is to print an Order Confirmation for your own records (if required). Simply click on the link shown and the confirmation will be produced in a new window.

12 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Print Order Confirmation This is a confirmation of the order we have just placed If you want to you can print it out and keep for future reference. The freight amount will vary according to the size of the order and the delivery location.

13 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 Monthly Reports This is a example of the report you would receive from Famill at the end of the month. The bottom entry is the order we have just placed.

14 COPYRIGHT©FAMILLIT 2007 New South Wales: Address: G03, 25 Solent Circuit Baulkham Hills 2153 Australia Telephone:1300 738 237 Facsimile:1300 738 785 Famill Contact Details Victoria: Address: 166 Sycamore Street Caulfield South VIC 3186 Australia Telephone:1300 738 237 Facsimile:1300 738 785

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