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Country Response Information System – an overview By Geoff Manthey, CRIS Unit, UNAIDS.

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1 Country Response Information System – an overview By Geoff Manthey, CRIS Unit, UNAIDS.

2 Since 6 th MERG Meeting CRIS Version 1.4b (IND) released globally 60+ countries in 4 regions trained Programming of Project / resource tracking & Research Inventory databases progressing Many countries have established M&E (CRIS) working groups Installation and use of CRIS has commenced in many countries Global CRIS network established including CRIS focal points within cosponsors

3 Indicator Database V1.4b Multilingual capability (EN,FR,RU,SP) PivotTable and charting capability Indicator management, e.g. status Data import/export of data and definitions Comments field to support report making

4 Features of CRIS IND? Allows countries to load all global data Ability to share indicator definitions Demonstrated that minimal training required Immediate use – rapid installation via CD-Rom Leverages the functionality of other information systems through data exchange

5 Lets go live

6 CRIS in action - country examples Zimbabwe – are using the software at subnational level Mozambique – have recruited CRIS officers in there provincial and national offices Thailand – has established at national level, to begin subnational Ethiopia – installed, staff trained

7 Project / resource tracking Database design complete Prototype screens developed Data dictionary being developed Documentation being drafted Compatibility with other groups, e.g. AiDA, SHARED Testing within next 2 months – Ghana and Indonesia

8 Research Inventory Database Evaluating existing systems Database design in progress Compatibility with PRT database Harmonization with existing systems, e.g. NIH, USAID To be released by end of 2003

9 Other developments GRID website development –Summary of resources available @ country level –Data mining tools Financial Resource Flows (FRF) development –Country (PRT module) –Donor (UNAIDS website)

10 Planned training workshops Thailand – July 2003 Indonesia – August 2003 Southern Cone – August 2003 China – October 2003 South Asia + Myanmar – October 2003 North Africa and the Middle East – December 2003

11 Training workshop agenda Follow up to the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS with particular focus on M&E and indicators National M&E Plans Core DoC Indicators Refinement of national M&E plans focusing on relevance of core DoC Review of the national M&E plan focusing on data collection strategy, to include exercise on the development of additional indicators Establishment of the CRIS Next steps for M&E / CRIS

12 Current issues CRIS complements & leverages other information systems – how to better communicate this message CRIS can be used to leverage the establishment/improvement of a basic M&E system – how do we do this? Need for model countries where CRIS / M&E is functioning – which countries and in what time frame? Developing capacity among (cosponsors) country based staff for M&E and CRIS – joint action required

13 Challenges remain Improved understanding of CRIS and its relationship to other information systems @ global, regional and national levels National capacity for data collection and analysis leading to improved management of national responses Data collection of indicators – priority Resources – hardware, human capacity

14 Proposal - CRIS in Southern Africa Operationalise agreements of Regional Directors in Maputo Establishment of CRIS in selected countries of Southern Africa by end of 2003 – to develop models Partnership with Cosponsors and bilaterals Document practical steps and resource requirements for these model countries

15 Contact Information UNAIDS CRIS Unit (CRI) Geoff Manthey +41 22 791 1373 Contact:

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