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Small Business 401(k) Solutions Small Business 401(k) Solutions Designed for a business like yours We can handle all your retirement plan needs cost effectively,

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1 Small Business 401(k) Solutions Small Business 401(k) Solutions Designed for a business like yours We can handle all your retirement plan needs cost effectively, from recordkeeping to administrative support. Our clients can realize a significant reduction in the number of staff hours spent on plan administration when they use our retirement solution. We’re committed to excellent service Our experienced professionals know that your main focus is your business, not your retirement plan. That’s why we designed our consultative approach to assist you with plan administrative responsibilities while helping to reduce the time you spend managing your plan. You will benefit from:  Dedicated plan sponsor Call Center and website  Easy plan set-up  Enrollment assistance  Plan document services  Trustee services through MG Trust Company  Comprehensive compliance testing and government reporting  24/7 access to plan information and customized reports, including on demand statements 1  Ongoing Plan Sponsor and Participant communications 1 Generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except when systems are unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Our investment options align with your interests The investment choices we offer are completely independent and free from the conflicts of interest often found with asset management firms that impose proprietary fund requirements. Our programs make available top-quality fund families that your employees will recognize and respect– each carefully screened to meet our strict requirements. We will assist you in meeting your fiduciary requirements by providing:  A pre-screened investment line-up to construct your plan’s fund portfolio  Funds across all asset classes and risk levels (for a list of current fund choices, please see our investment line-up card)  Online performance reports and access to Morningstar  Load-waived mutual funds from top investment companies Call for a free quote Dial 866-USTRITON to speak with a retirement specialist

2 Client Service & Recordkeeping Client Service & Recordkeeping Focus on your business Our experienced professionals know that your main focus is your business, not your retirement plan. They assist you with plan administrative responsibilities with an eye toward helping reduce the time you have to spend managing your plan. Easy access keeps you informed We provide access to plan information through our easy to use Plan Sponsor website so you can stay on top of your plan operation. With a few clicks you can review:  Plan balances and fund performance data  Compliance test results  Transactions histories and participant records  Management reports  Participant account statements  Plan loans  Customized reports  Email History Service improvements through client surveys We want to know what you think about us. Our annual client survey helps us to gauge how we are performing so we can continually improve the service we provide. Robust Recordkeeping keeps the data moving efficiently In addition to our progressive technology our highly qualified people behind the systems enable us to cost effectively process more than:  100,000 plan participant accounts  $1.0 billion in employee contributions annually  $3.0 billion in plan assets

3 Investments Aligned with your Interests Investments Aligned with your Interests Meeting your Fiduciary Responsibility Selecting and managing the right mix of investments for your retirement plan is one of the most important responsibilities you face as a plan sponsor. That's why you want to choose an experienced plan provider who will help you meet your obligations and offer solutions that align with your business interests. 1 Adapted from “Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities,” Department of Labor Publication, May 2004 Helping you meet your fiduciary responsibilities By offering your employees a 401(k) plan, you are providing them the opportunity to plan for their future. As a plan sponsor, however, you are also taking on certain important fiduciary responsibilities, including: 1  Acting solely in the interest of the plan participants and their beneficiaries  Carrying out your duties prudently  Following plan documents  Diversifying plan investments  Paying only reasonable plan expenses The difference  Our investment program provides you with:  Tools to fulfill your key fiduciary responsibilities  Choice and flexibility in fund selection  Fund choices that offer competitive management fees We take your fiduciary responsibilities seriously. The investment choices in our 401(k) program are completely independent and free from conflicts of interest often found with investment managers offering proprietary funds. Further, we do not impose any proprietary fund requirements, front- or back-end sales charges, and group annuity contract charges. Our objectivity means that you can be confident in knowing that you are providing your employees a full range of carefully screened, high caliber investments. When you partner with us, you can count on us to deliver the kind of retirement experience that fits your needs. We have the knowledge as well as the tools and resources you need to determine the investments for your plan. We also provide the tools you need to meet your fiduciary responsibilities, and make the ongoing maintenance of your retirement plan as simple as you need it to be.

4 Tools to Fulfill your Fiduciary Responsibilities Tools and Information Tools and Information Select, Monitor and Review 401(k) Investments Performance summary  Annualized performance information  Expense Ratios  Management strategies and descriptions of the investment objective for each investment option Morningstar reports  Detailed investment performance and statistical data on each fund offered in your plan, updated daily  Available via the plan sponsor and participant web sites

5 Plan Sponsor Account Management Your retirement plan should be custom designed to specifically meet the needs of your company and employees. As a Plan Sponsor you'll have access to building a plan that is feature rich as well as fully automated tasks that reduce labor intensive processes and unnecessary paperwork.  Plan Design Choices Included  Multiple contribution sources  Hardship Withdrawals  Participant Loans & Rollovers  Multiple Vesting Schedules  Automatic Enrollment & Deferral Increases  Administrative Benefits Included  Online Management Tools & Reports  Toll-Free Phone Support  Signature-Ready Form-5500 & related schedules  IRS Form-1099 automatically filed & issued  Non-Discrimination Testing (as needed)  Downloadable Summary Plan Description  Access to Administrative Guide & Plan Documents  Downloadable Trust Reports and Statements  Online Approval of Loans, Rollovers & Distributions 401(k) Website Access

6 Participant Account Management  24/7 account access via the Internet or Voice Response System  Online enrollment with automatic rebalancing & direct access to Morningstar & fund prospectus  Plan Highlights & Summary Plan Description on demand  Real-time exchanges along with transactional & contribution history  Financial Advisor contact information  Daily, personalized rate of return  Online loan, rollover, and distribution requests  Downloadable statements with customized date ranges With your retirement plan, employees have full online access and transaction capability at their convenience through the ExpertPlan participant portal. This dynamic tool serves up easy access to the most visited areas of your plan's site. 401(k) Website Access

7 Employee Education & Communication Inspirational Education and Communication  Focus on helping your employees plan their way to retirement  Establishes a relationship with your employees  Provides personalized behavior-based messages to guide your employees  Creates a better experience for your employees by assisting them with the retirement process

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