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Using Video in the Classroom And for assignments.

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1 Using Video in the Classroom And for assignments

2 The whole process is backwards  Start with answering the question “How will this video be seen by the final viewer?”

3  Ask who are the viewers or audience of your video?  Instructors (this is a formal assignment)  Other students (this is a class presentation)  General Public (this is to represent you to the world)

4 Planning the Video Preparation  The idea  How do you want this to look  Who is it really for?  Your Instructor  A grade  Do they have a preference of viewing format?  CD, DVD, Media file on Thumb Drive, Online, or part of a D2L course

5 Planning the Video  Availability of talent  Availability of equipment  Editing time  Conflicts in your life

6 Scripting  Road map of where you are going  Text Script  Storyboard

7 Shooting the video Camera Choices Digital Video Camera (tape based) av Digital Video Camera (memory flash card) av Still Video Camera (most have a video component) Cel Phone

8 Location  Accessibility  Availability  Noise  Lighting  Technique  Steady  Moving

9 Editing the video  Computer based Editors available in Learning Commons  Windows Movie Maker  Premiere Elements  OnLine Editors available over network  Windows Movie Maker Live  live-movie-maker?os=other  YouTube Editor

10 Editing the video  Time – 1 minute takes 1 hour  Create the Interview Bed  Fill in with B-Roll (Covering Material)

11 Packaging their video when it is finished  Record as a Media file for CD or Flash Card  This is best when you are turning in a DVD or presenting once to a class.  It is not good for sharing with other people.  There is a cost involved.

12 Packaging their video when it is finished  Record directly to DVD with Camera set-up from AudioVisual Services  This is good for longer videos (over 30 minutes),  Presentation Videos to be given to someone,  Playback that is not exclusively on a computer. It is not so good because there is costs involved And extra rendering time to complete the video.

13 Packaging their video when it is finished  Upload video to YouTube for viewing   This is good because you can share it with either everyone or just a private group.  It does not cost.  It does take some time to upload.

14 Help  Come to AudioVisual Services for Assistance and Advice

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