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RISWTO Public Symposium1 World Trading System and Development: Issues and Challenges Nagesh Kumar RIS

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1 RISWTO Public Symposium1 World Trading System and Development: Issues and Challenges Nagesh Kumar RIS

2 RISWTO Public Symposium2

3 RISWTO Public Symposium3 Multilateral Trade Negotiations and Development Process of trade liberalization for reaping efficiency gains Recognition of different levels in development and capacities of countries Concept of special and differential treatment (S&DT) incorporated

4 RISWTO Public Symposium4 Trade and Development since the Uruguay Round Turning point Major commitments in trade liberalization Substantial obligations placed on developing countries: TRIPs, TRIMs and GATS Promise of market access in agriculture, textiles and clothing and GATS mode 4 These promises not coming through

5 RISWTO Public Symposium5 Trade Liberalization in Developed Countries: Growing Asymmetries High Peak Tariffs, Tariff Escalation and Specific Duties –Specifically on goods exported by poor countries Elusive Market Access in Textiles and Clothing Continued Protection of Agricultural Products

6 RISWTO Public Symposium6 Trade Liberalization in Developed Countries: Growing Asymmetries 2 Resistance to Movement of Natural Persons Quotas and Non-tariff Barriers Stringent Environmental Requirements Contingent Protection: Anti-dumping Proliferation of RTAs/FTAs

7 RISWTO Public Symposium7 Protectionist Industrial Policy Growing R&D Subsidies Distortionary Investment Incentives Export Subsidies to Manufacturers Growing Subsidies to Agriculture Continued Use of policies akin to Local Content Requirements

8 RISWTO Public Symposium8 Implications for Development GATT/WTO not related to trade liberalization or growth of trade: empirical studies Declining terms of trade and share of developing countries in world trade Adverse mercantilist balance Substantial income transfers and loss of policy space Record of growth in 1990s has been poorer compared to 1980s and inequalities have risen Inequitable sharing of the fruits of globalization

9 RISWTO Public Symposium9 Doha Development Agenda A new round of trade negotiations launched in 2001 in Doha Attempt to address some of the development concerns: Phase-out of all export subsidies on agricultural products and substantial reduction of domestic support Elimination of peak tariffs on products of export interest to developing countries; modality for tariff reduction based on less-than- full-reciprocity Primacy of public health over IPRs Launch of negotiations on Singapore Issues only on the basis of explicit consensus at the Fifth Ministerial Review of S&DT provisions to make them effective

10 RISWTO Public Symposium10 Progress of the Doha Agenda and Cancun All the important deadlines for Doha Agenda were missed in the pre-Cancun phase Going back on the spirit of Doha Development Agenda Agricultural subsidies vs. market access Non-agricultural market access Push to launch negotiations on Singapore Issues

11 RISWTO Public Symposium11 Collapse of Cancun Ministerial A Case-Study in Asymmetric Process of Decision-making Draft Ministerial texts heavily influenced by the submissions by the Quad countries Neglected the widely supported submissions by developing country coalitions –Singapore Issues; Agriculture –Cotton subsidies A question mark on the sustainability of the multilateral trade negotiations

12 RISWTO Public Symposium12 An Agenda for Reform An Independent Commission for Development Assessment of the system Reform of the decision-making process Broad-based and representative secretariat WTO Watchdog of Developing Countries Strengthening the Provision of Technical, Legal and Financial Assistance Support for Trilateral cooperation

13 RISWTO Public Symposium13 Some Issues for Proactive Action by Developing Countries Framework Agreement on Movement of Natural Persons Framework Agreement on S&DT Framework Agreement on Transfer of Technology Framework for Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity

14 RISWTO Public Symposium14 Thank you

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