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I Spy First Grade Orientation 2007 Raising Responsible Citizens.

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2 I Spy First Grade Orientation 2007

3 Raising Responsible Citizens

4 Pencils crayons Colored Folders Glue sticks Scissors Clipboard Journals Hand Sanitizer Tissue Box 3 Ring Binder What do I need for first grade?

5 What time does school begin? 8:00- Be on time. You can arrive at 7:30 and wait in the gym or eat breakfast in the cafeteria. 5 tardies means no perfect attendance.

6 What time does school end? School ends at 2:30. Are you a car rider? Are you a bus rider? Sign up tonight!

7 When is the first day of school? August 20 is a regular day for 1 st graders.

8 Sip and Sob Monday is Sip and Sob Day. Muffins and donuts and coffee in the cafeteria for you.

9 Class Wish List Food and Shavings for Fluffy Prizes for treasure box (no candy please) Healthy snacks Material for printer White t shirts Water bottles

10 Wish List Clear folders that tie Rings for binding Bird feeder for window Label maker Fluffy food Fluffy shavings

11 Fluffy Sign Up Sheet Would you like Fluffy for a week- end? Sign up for 3 times, if you are interested. I’ll send that home on Monday.

12 PTA and Box Top Labels PTA is $3.50, please join. Send in box tops for school supplies. Paris T-shirts for sale.

13 Volunteers I love classroom volunteers. Sign up TONIGHT for times and days!!!! Dads, moms, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc… are all welcome. Read with students. Eat lunch with students. Work at home on projects.

14 Volunteers Go on Field Trips. Share your talents. Tell us about your job or hobbies. Make books. Sit with my class at lunch.

15 Dress Code No athletic shorts. No short, shorts. No spaghetti straps. No tank tops. See the Calendar for more details.

16 Internet Projects Sign permission slips to have work and photos published on the internet, (my website). Field trips to Paris Mountain State Park. Research project on the history of Paris Mountain State Park and Paris Elementary. Conduct scientific experiments with the rangers.

17 Accelerated Reading Program Begin the year reading accelerated books with your child. We will read AR books each day in class. Children will take tests on books read at home and in class. Volunteers may read the tests to the children until January-then it will be done independently.

18 Communication My website- http://teachers.greenville. Parent letters go home on Mondays. Sign email list tonight. Check the Homework Folder for all information. Homework and letter are posted on my website. Email me with questions and concerns.

19 Lunch Lunch is $1.50 a day for students. Adult lunch is $2.85. You can pay by the day, week or month. Breakfast is $.80 a day. $1.45 for adults. Please read your monthly menu. Lunch time is 11:00-11:25. You are welcome to take my class to lunch! Let me know in the a.m. if you are eating with us.

20 Tentative Schedule Our Related Arts time is 12:15-1:00. Monday-Music Tuesday – PE Wednesday – Computer Thursday – Art Friday- PE 2007-2008 Schedule 8:00-8:15 Morning Work, vote for lunch. 8:15-8:30 Town Hall Meeting 8:30-9:00 Writing Block 9:00-9:45 Math 9:45-10:15 Phonics/Words Block 10:15-10:45 Guided Reading 11:00-11:25 Lunch 11:30-12:00 Shared reading and accelerated reading time. (Take tests, go to the library, computer time, work with small groups) 12:15-1:00 Related Arts 1:25-1:45 Recess 1:45-2:15 Science, Social Studies, Health

21 Curriculum Spelling tests are on Fridays. 10 words Reading- 4 Block and Acc. Reader Project Read, Recreational Reading Writing- Journal writing, books- rubrics Math- great new math series- problem solving, manipulatives, software Science, Social Studies, Health- projects and experiments- textbooks. Technology, technology, technology Syllabus is on my website.

22 Rules/Procedures Classroom procedures will be discussed all year. Discipline letter will be sent home next week to sign. School wide rules are listed in the Parent Handbook/Calendar. Please read. All fees have to be paid in order to participate in Field Day.

23 Water Bottles and Healthy Snacks Your child may bring a water bottle to keep in his/her cubby. Please send one in with a push up, pull down top. Sign up for healthy snacks. No cookies, except graham crackers, no candy, low amount of sugar in snacks.

24 Class Parties Birthday cupcakes or cookies at lunch time. Christmas and End of the year parties are the official ones. Handouts for Halloween, Valentine’s, Easter Invitations can’t be given out in class unless everyone gets one.

25 Conferences First 9 weeks conferences are in Oct. No report card for the first nine weeks. Email me, write or call the school if you would like to have a conference. Do not interrupt class to discuss your child’s progress.

26 Being There Experiences

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