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1 COREQUISITE REMEDIATION Too many students start college in remediation. 50% 2 Remediation.

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3 Too many students start college in remediation. 50% 2 Remediation

4 3 African American and Hispanic students are more likely to face the remediation dead end. Percentage of Students Needing Remediation

5 Too few remedial students ever graduate. 1 in 10 4 Remediation

6 5 Student attrition is at the heart of the matter.


8 Guiding Objective Students complete gateway courses and enter programs of study in their first academic year 7

9 What is Statewide Scale? A state system where... the vast majority of students... at the vast majority of institutions... receive academic support as a corequisite..... resulting in dramatic increases in the number of students completing gateway math and English courses in one academic year. 8

10 Policy Objectives for Gateway Course Success 1. The default placement for most students will be gateway courses. 2. Provide additional academic support as corequisite, not prerequisite. 3. Establish a placement range instead of a single cut score. 9

11 Providing Academic Support as a Corequisite 10

12 One Semester Redesigned Gateway 11 Gateway Extra Time Mandatory Tutoring Sequenced Paired proctored labs 45 minutes after class Additional class periods 5 weeks prep plus 10 weeks gateway content

13 One Semester Corequisite Results InstitutionSubject Traditional Model Corequisite Model CC of Baltimore County Accelerated Learning Model English 33%74% Austin Peay State University Structured Assistance English 49%70% 12

14 Ivy Tech Community College Of the students who were referred to English remediation, 25% completed the college English course in three semesters...... Now over 50% complete in one semester.

15 One-Year Corequisite 14 Gateway Semester 1 Semester 2 Gateway Content Academic Support College Success Skills Freshman Composition

16 One-Year Corequisite Results California Acceleration Project Students 1.5 times more likely to complete gateway English course than traditional English remediation model. 15

17 Aligned and Parallel Support in Technical Certificate Programs Technical Program Math and Language Skills 16 Work Keys/Keytrain Required, Proctored Lab Competency-based, Self- paced

18 TN Colleges of Applied Technology 79% Graduation Rate (Including All Math and English Requirements for the Occupation) 17

19 Placement into gateway courses and programs of study 18

20 Current Model Enrolls Most Students into Remediation 19 Percent of Students Student Placement Data 30%70% Gateway Remediation

21 New Model Enrolls Most in College 20 Percent of Students Student Placement Data 30% 10% 60% Gateway Test Prep or Technical Certificate Gateway Course with Corequisite Support

22 More Students in Gateway Courses DON’T:  Try to build the perfect test  Create a new rigid system for sorting students DO:  Dismantle unnecessary barriers by placing the vast majority in gateway courses  Accept that the majority of students need some support – cognitive and non-cognitive  Provide that support in the college-level gateway course – as a co-requisite 21

23 Corequisite Remediation White House Summit States Committed to Transform Remediation DC States Committed to Scale Coreq by 2015 State Activity

24 23 /completecollege @completecollege @BruceatCCA

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