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What companies could/should be doing with RSS feeds.

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1 What companies could/should be doing with RSS feeds



4 Search and Brand Value

5 Good SEO rankings means better visibility and more traffic

6 Search Visibility and Brand Awareness Search engine listings stimulate brand recall by a 3-to-1 margin over banner advertising and other online marketing methods. Source: Search Engine Visibility Study Enquiro Research

7 Brand Value and Search Results The NPD Group study reported that search listings were better at branding and produced more sales than banner ads. The NPD Group study The IAB study also reported brand lift from SERPs, especially for prominent listings. The IAB study

8 The Process Listen – monitor conversations and identify influencers Deliver – comment on blogs and start your own blog, syndicate content –text audio and video Engage – foster conversations, share content Measure

9 PR Value and Media Relations: Using News Engines and RSS Create a feed for journalists

10 Organic vs Paid Search

11 “If you think you're covered because you have a paid ad (PPC listing) in a search engine for a search term that's important to your business, think again. Organic results (free listings) are far more important and can get more viewership and clicks. Marketing Sherpa

12 RSS enable your web content Seen by Google as a blog You can use news/educational content







19 Alexa Traffic Rank Traffic Rank for 529% Page Views per user: 26%

20 Links to the website

21 Search Results Dry skin care MSNYahooGoogle 2 6 9


23 Consumer Recommendations

24 Resources Expansion Plus My blog: pro active PRESSfeed

25 Contact Details Sally Falkow 323 882 8125 626 676 6419 cell

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