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Science Vocabulary All About Animals.

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1 Science Vocabulary All About Animals

2 Mammal Animals with backbones. Usually has fur or hair on its body.
Young mammals get milk from their mother

3 bird Animals with backbones. Have feathers and wings. Hatch from eggs.

4 reptile Animals with backbones. Most have dry skin.
Scales cover and protect a reptile’s body. Some hatch from eggs.

5 amphibians Animals with backbones Live part of their life in water.
Have smooth wet skin. Hatch from eggs.

6 fish Animals with backbones. Most are covered with scales. Have fins.
Most hatch from eggs.

7 gills Body parts that help fish get oxygen from the water.

8 insect Animals that do not have backbones.
Have 3 body parts. Head, thorax, & abdomen. Have 6 legs.

9 Camouflage                                                             A color or shape that makes a plant or animal hard to see.

10 Fill in the Blanks A _______ has wings and can fly. A _______ has fins and swims. A _______ has dry skin and scales. A _______ lives in water and on land.

11 Great Job!

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