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Yearbook Committee 2010 Informational Meeting May 19, 2009.

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1 Yearbook Committee 2010 Informational Meeting May 19, 2009

2 What To Expect To have your ideas listened to To be part of creating something you can be proud of A lot of hard work! A lot of fun! Experience for college, scholarship, and employment applications To make memories that will last a lifetime

3 Staff Positions Chief Editor Business Manager Photographers Design Editors Sales Staff Content Specialists

4 Chief Editor Responsibilities: Assist adviser in coordinating activities of all other yearbook staff Oversee design consistency and proofreading on all pages Coordinate photographers to ensure adequate coverage of all events Lead meetings and train new staff as necessary Communicate with students, parents, and community as needed Be prepared to take on any job in any section at the last minute

5 Business Manager Responsibilities: Coordinate, plan, and track all sales efforts Design and lead all marketing campaigns Communicate marketing and financial progress with Adviser, Chief Editor, and other staff. Oversee sales staff

6 Photographers Responsibilities: Document daily student life in photographs Attend a variety of extracurricular activities and document in photographs Process photographs (remove red-eye, color correction, cropping, etc.) Upload and organize images Owning a digital camera is strongly recommended

7 Design Editors Responsibilities: Design page layouts online Work with Chief Editor to ensure consistency in themes and styles Work with photographers to obtain necessary images Depending on number of design editors on staff, this position may be specialized to include Sports Editors, Club Editors, and Activities Editors

8 Sales Staff Responsibilities: Work with Business Manager to design and execute marketing campaigns Promote sales of yearbook ads with parents, students, coaches, and community businesses Promote sales of yearbooks with students

9 Content Specialists Responsibilities: Develop ideas for page content such as surveys and student interest pieces. Report on and write content for pages with text. Work with Chief Editor and Design Editors to provide content as necessary.

10 What Do I Do Now? Applications are required for the positions of Chief Editor and Business Manager, and are due back by Thursday at the end of the day. List the positions you are interested in on the sign-in sheet. Put a star by your name if you would like me to create a login for you to try out the design software over the summer. It will be emailed to you. Put a check mark by your name if you are interested in working the yearbook table at registration.’

11 What Happens This Summer? Take pictures over the summer at any school activities you may participate in. Begin coming up with ideas for the theme and the cover. Practice using the design software if you would like. Look for email updates.

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