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Welcome to McCullough Junior High Miss Megan Kelley 7 th Grade Language Arts Pre-AP.

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1 Welcome to McCullough Junior High Miss Megan Kelley 7 th Grade Language Arts Pre-AP


3 This is where our students are headed… To get here, students will be challenged here in “Freshman English.” They may even struggle a bit – some for the first time – and that is OKAY! That is how they will grow and reach their full potential.

4 Literature The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (REQUIRED SUMMER READING) This should have been read and annotated prior to the start of school. Students will need the book in class beginning 8/28. Literature Textbook: Grammar Textbook:

5 Literature Students will also need a new or used copy of: Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman→ Late September The Glory Field by Walter Dean Myers January A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare (Barron's ed. rec.) → April

6 In conjunction with the novels… SAT vocabulary and word parts Required Book: Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Level B * This workbook will be used all year. A link to the vocabulary site is on my website. FIRST QUIZ: Sept. 11 th Poetry, speeches, scripts, and various pieces of non-fiction Writing Process- formal and informal Mechanics-capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage

7 SURF Reading Sustained Uninterrupted Reading for Fun Chosen by the student, approved by the parent 500 pages each quarter Appropriate reading level Book will be regularly incorporated into lessons throughout the year Students must bring a SURF Book to class each day Check my website for suggested reading lists. Signed reading logs will be due at the end of each quarter E-Readers okay

8 Assessments Classwork and homework will focus on developing critical thinking, reading and writing skills, and study skills that will help students succeed as they continue to move through their educational careers and into the real world. State Testing STAAR Writing: March 29 & March 30 STAAR Reading: May 10

9 CRISS Strategies Creating Independence Through Student-owned Strategies We will practice and use strategies to help in studying, organizing, and presenting. These strategies can be used throughout their learning careers and in all subject areas. In this class, students are expected to select a strategy to independently study assigned vocabulary words outside of class.

10 Extra Help Advisory: Students may get a pass to see me for extra help Tutoring: Before school everyday except for Wednesday, no pass needed PAWS: Tuesday – Thursday until 4:45 in the library

11 Electronics Policy All electronics Cell/smart phones, e-readers, ipods, etc... must be turned OFF, not just silenced, between 8:50 and 3:50. ***You’d be surprised how many times a student thinks he or she has silenced the phone and alerts and text notifications come through during class. Situations such as these still require the phone to be turned in to the office and a referral. Possible class activities utilizing smartphones -Must have parent permission. -Students will be in small groups so all can participate. -If a student takes advantage, he/she will receive the standard consequence (referral, device sent to office)

12 Grades School policy is as follows... Major grades 60% Daily grades (including homework) 20% Quizzes 20% The Language Arts Dept. does NOT offer a re-test policy. Late Work Major Grade Projects -10 points per day, includes days absent Quiz grades-no credit Daily grades – late work is not accepted, including homework It's the student's responsibility to check the Absent Binder and ask for help to get caught up after an absence. No locker passes for forgotten work. Check your child’s planner and the class website for the most up-to-date information about homework. Extra credit will NOT be offered.

13 Contacting Miss Kelley Conference: Please contact the Counseling Center if you wish to schedule a parent teacher conference. -Red Days: 2:30 – 3:30 -Green Days: 9:00 – 10:00 Email: Website:

14 Parent Access Center 1. 2. Under Parent/Student, click on account registration Stay Informed!! Grades Schedule Attendance Lunch Money STAAR scores Bus schedule And much more!

15 Student tips for a successful year Get a good night's sleep Eat breakfast Listen in class Follow directions Ask questions Write in planner Study on a regular basis Turn in assignments on time

16 Thanks for coming Parent-Teacher communication is very important for student success. I want to see your kids succeed!

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