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Practice and Review Session #2-Multiple Choice

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1 Practice and Review Session #2-Multiple Choice
AP Literature Test Practice and Review Session #2-Multiple Choice

2 AP Review Session 2_MC Overall strategy: A good way to strategize passing the Multiple-Choice sections is to at least answer 30 questions correctly and to earn at least 15 points on the essays. These two scores will net you a final passing grade of 3. Increases in either category can help your final scores, too. See handout table

3 Reading the passages in the MC section require that you:
AP Review Session 2_MC Reading the passages in the MC section require that you: Read in order to answer the questions. Know what you will be asked to answer and go back to the passage as you answer the question/s. Figure out the main idea and how it is structured so you can answer the questions.

4 AP Review Session 1_MC reminder
To answer all MC questions efficiently, you need to recognize three types of questions: General comprehension questions Detail comprehension questions Factual knowledge questions

5 AP Review Session 2_MC_Poetry
Reading POETRY passages within the MC section: On the FIRST read, get all the words in your head. Literally read from top to bottom; don’t stop on individual lines or words. On the SECOND read, go phrase by phrase. Look for a main idea—don’t worry about symbolism or deeper meaning. If you don’t have a main idea after the first two reads, go to the questions. Use the questions to help you focus on specific sections of the poem to help you arrive at the answer. Don’t force a meaning…use the questions as a guide through your final reading.

6 AP Review Session 2_MC_Poetry
To help you understand poems, reading them as prose is a helpful approach. To do this, forget the form of the poem, the rhyme or the meter, instead: ignore line breaks read in sentences, not lines—emphasize the punctuation used (or lack there of) ignore rhyme and rhyme scheme be prepared for “long” thoughts—ideas that develop over several lines

7 AP Review Session 2_MC_Poetry
There are different “types” of poetry possible, ranging from easy-dueling. Easy is rare on the AP test—these are poems that it is obvious to extract meaning, etc. The more common samples are challenging and sometimes, dueling. Dueling poetry samples ask students to compare/contrast two similarly themed poems. To handle dueling poetry, Read the first poem and answer the questions that pertain to that poem only. Read the second poem and answer the questions for that poem only. Finally, address the questions about both poems.

8 AP Review Session 2_MC_Poetry
For overall Poetry strategies: Practice Metaphysical poetry: John Donne, Andrew Marvell, George Herbert, Thomas Carew, Abraham Cowley, and Richard Crashaw. On EXCEPT, NOT, and LEAST questions, cross out the negative word and eliminate any choice that fits the remaining question.

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