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24.1 Liberal Reforms in Great Britian & Its Empire

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1 24.1 Liberal Reforms in Great Britian & Its Empire
1800s s

2 Liberalism is Born Industrial Revolution
Lots of money and power to Great Britain Lots of problems and social inequalities Belief that Enlightenment ideas and French Revolution ideas are correct Belief gov’t must support/protect individual rights & civil liberties of individuals = liberalism

3 Liberalists are active!
Voting as you know, since 1688 & the Glorious Revolution, Parliment (not the monarchy) ruled Great Britain. Parliment made up of House of Lords and House of Commons House of Commons was supposed to represent all British people but, there were lots of restrictions on right to vote and right to hold office

4 Liberalists are active!
Voting voting was in the open (that is bad) districts were not based on changes in population (that is bad) only men who owned lots of $ could be elected into House of Commons (that is bad) no Jews, Catholics, etc. could hold political office (that is bad)

5 Liberalists are active!
Voting voters protest - those in power don’t want to reform or else it will end up like (gasp).... French Revolution! 1829 Catholic Emancipation Act allows Catholics to serve in Parliment (if they recognize Protestantism is the religion of England

6 Liberalists are active!
Voting 1832 Reform Bill - took seats in House of Commons from less populated areas and gave to industrial areas reduced property restrictions so now more people could vote middle class now had a voice in Great Britain’s gov’t and in Parliment

7 Liberalists are active!
Voting resulted in birth of 2 major political parties Liberal Party vs Conservative Party

8 Liberalists are active!
Social and Economic Change Factory Act reformed working conditions of women and children 1833 Slavery abolished - no more slavery in any British colony 1833 Public Education - beginnings of free public education 1846 Corn Laws Repealed- lowered taxes on corn - *first step towards free trade Thanks to the liberal party!

9 Disraeli and Gladstone

10 Disraeli Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative) - now secret voting ballot all men can vote (no more property requirements) salaries for members of Parliment so now workers can afford to enter politics

11 Disraeli Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (Conservative) - got control of Suez Canal secured control of India for Great Britain

12 Gladstone Queen Victoria and Prime Minister William Gladstone (Liberal) Education Act of public education for all children begin use of secret ballot redrew districts so more accurately represent population

13 Gladstone Queen Victoria and Prime Minister William Gladstone (Liberal) Failed on “Irish Question” 1801 Act of Union made Ireland part of Great Britain but they did not have representation in Parliment policies caused bad economics in Ireland famine massive migration to US

14 Reforms of Early 1900s 1905 Liberal Party born in England. Want social reform Want old age pensions, health insurance, unemployment insurance. need to tax the wealthy more to pay for this Parliment Act of took away right of veto from House of Lords. Taxes raised. Some programs created

15 Reforms of Early 1900s Women’s suffrage - right to vote. Emmeline Pankurst began the mov’t Right to vote won after World War I

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