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How to remove spyware from your PC using Spybot S&D? A SeniorNet Workshop SeniorNet is a service program of the Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania.

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1 How to remove spyware from your PC using Spybot S&D? A SeniorNet Workshop SeniorNet is a service program of the Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania

2 What is spyware?  Any software that gathers information through your Internet connection without your full knowledge or consent.  Spyware is usually used for advertising or other purposes.

3 Where does spyware come from? Spyware programs are typically bundled as a hidden component of freeware or shareware programs downloaded from the Internet. Users may unwittingly install spyware when they share files. Spyware is often installed with your consent. End User Licensing Agreements (EULA) warn the user that a spyware program will be installed and what purpose it will serve. The majority of shareware and freeware applications do not contain spyware.

4 What can spyware do? Monitor your activity on the Internet  Web sites visited  Searches performed  Products and services you looked at Gather information about you e-mail addresses passwords credit card numbers

5 What can spyware do? (cont) Run undetected as an independent executable programs which can: scan files on your hard drive monitor keystrokes snoop into other programs (address books, etc.) install other spyware programs read cookies Change the default home page on your web browser

6 What are the consequences of spyware? Spyware can harm your computer by using up your computer resources. This will eventually lead to system instability and crashes. Spyware writers can sell the personal information they obtained from your computer to spammers and hackers.

7 How can I defend against spyware? Install, use and update:  Antivirus software  Firewalls  Software programs designed to detect and remove spyware.

8 Why is anti-spyware software important? Anti-spyware software is important because:  Your anti-virus software is not designed to detect spyware  Without anti-spyware software you will never know if your computer is infected with spyware.

9 Can you recommend a good anti-spyware program? “Spybot Search and Destroy” (Spybot S&D) is a free program that can be downloaded from the Internet and used to detect and remove spyware. Spybot S&D is highly recommended by experts in the personal computing community.

10 How can I get Spybot S&D for my computer? Spybot S&D has to be downloaded and installed on your PC before you can use it to ferret out spyware.

11 How do I download Spybot S&D to my computer? Go online to the following web address  On the left-side of the this webpage locate and click-on the link for Download At the bottom of the next webpage locate and select the download entitled Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.3. Click-on the Download here button to the right of the selection. On the next webpage, locate the selection entitled Dalnet and click-on the Download here button to the right of Dalnet. Select Save in the File Download dialogue box and save the program to your PC’s desktop. Close or minimize the webpage and return to the desktop. Before proceeding with installation, we suggest you scan the program with your anti-virus software.

12 How do I install Spybot S&D now that it’s downloaded? Left-click 2x on the Spybot icon on your desktop to run the program. Follow the instructions accompanying the installation wizard. Accept the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation.

13 What will Spybot S&D do? Spybot S &D will remove from your computer:  Spyware products installed and running in the background without your knowledge  Spyware toolbars in your browser that you didn't intentionally install  Spybot S & D will also help prevent unwanted and arbitrary changes to your home page and browser freezes and/or crashes.

14 How do I obtain, install and start the Spybot S&D program. Log on to Download the application installation file as follows  Scroll down the page to the list of providers  Click the button beside one of locations listed  Each of them will link to a page offering the download When prompted for the download destination in the download dialogue box, choose the desktop for convenience.

15 Once I download Spybot S & D to my computer desktop, what’s next? On the desktop, locate the icon for the file you have downloaded. It should be labeled spybotsd11.exe or something similar. Left-click 2x on the icon to start installation When prompted, click to accept license - after reading of course! Accept default installation location Continue by clicking next until installation finishes When completed you will see the Spybot S&D icon on your desktop. Double-click the Spybot S&D icon to open the Spybot program

16 Now that it’s on my PC, how do I use Spybot S&D for the first time? When the wizard has finished, you may find yourself on the Settings or Update page. The left side of the page is a navigation bar. The first bar is labeled Spybot-S&D. Click this button. To the right, you will see only an empty space with a toolbar at the bottom. The first button on the left in this toolbar is labeled Check for Problems. Click this is the button to start the scanning process. The scan progress is displayed in the status bar.

17 What do I do once the scan is completed? The results of the scan are displayed in the right panel The red entries represent spyware and similar threats The green entries represent what Spybot calls usage tracks. Usage tracks are similar to the browser history and are non- critical for now. Ignore the green usage tracks & focus on the red entries which show the real threats. Click on each red entry to see product information in a pop-up window.

18 What do I do with the red entries? All problems displayed in red are real threats and should be dealt with immediately. Right-click a product in the results list and select the preferred option. The pop-up menu allows you to:  Ignore everything  Ignore or keep any threat or usage track  Keep all tracks from a specific product or keep just one file

19 How does threat removal work? After deciding what you want Spybot S&D to remove, click in the box to the left of the threat description. After selecting all of the red entries you want to remove, click the Fix problems button on the toolbar at the bottom of the window. Threats are removed & placed in an area from which they can be recovered if it is discovered that they were removed in error or are required for the system or a program to run properly.

20 How do I learn more about Spybot S&D? Explore all of the application’s capabilities through the use of the links in the navigation bar on the left of the page. Utilizing these links will teach you: How to exclude products from the search How to recover products deleted in error How to enable the Select all button How to export the Startup list

21 How do I get help with Spybot S & D? Look for the small round “Help” button in the program Try the website Use the tutorial that comes with the program

22 How often should I use Spybot S & D? For routine maintenance once a month Also use as needed if your PC starts acting funny – i.e., homepage keeps changing on its own or the browser freezes or crashes often. Remember to upgrade the program each time before your scan with Spybot S&D

23 Are there other spyware programs I can download from the Internet? Yes, check out another free download online at There are also many products available online for purchase.

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