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NCSX Management Overview Hutch Neilson, NCSX Project Manager NCSX Conceptual Design Review Princeton, NJ May 23, 2002.

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1 NCSX Management Overview Hutch Neilson, NCSX Project Manager NCSX Conceptual Design Review Princeton, NJ May 23, 2002

2 GHN 20020523- 2 Management Highlights Organization Safety and NCSX NEPA and NCSX Quality Assurance / Quality Control Engineering Management Configuration Management Contingency Management Cost and Schedule Control Funds Management Reporting Physics Management Cost Estimate Details are documented in NCSX Project Execution Plan.

3 GHN 20020523- 3 The Project Organization is Functioning Well Successful PPPL-ORNL partnership will continue. –Has worked well since 1998, developed physics basis and conceptual design. –Responsibilities for fabrication project are clearly defined. Project has high priority, strong management support at PPPL and ORNL. DOE / Contractor “Integrated Project Team” is working well. –Members from DOE-PAO, DOE-OFES, PPPL, ORNL. –Has met at least monthly since 2000. –Planned PVR and this review. Prepared DOE acquisition documents. Project has high visibility throughout PPPL organization. –Engineering –E.S. & H. and Infrastructure –Business Operations

4 GHN 20020523- 4 NCSX Project Organization

5 GHN 20020523- 5 Safety and NCSX We are responsible for building and operating NCSX safely. We will take advantage of PPPL’s approved (and proven) systems for doing work safely, e.g. –Requirements –Change control –Design reviews (P-010) –Work planning procedures. (ENG-032). –Analysis of job hazards. –Training (TR-001, -003, -005, -006) –Involvement of E.S. & H. professionals. We will uphold and improve on PPPL’s positive safety culture. We will make the facility safe to operate –Assessment of hazards and mitigation via design. (P-039) –Documented safety analysis prior to operations. –ES&H reviews of design and planned operations and modifications.

6 GHN 20020523- 6 NEPA and NCSX Preliminary Hazards Analysis submitted. Expect to prepare Environmental Assessment before CD-2. Expect no significant environmental impact.

7 GHN 20020523- 7 Quality Assurance and Control PPPL QA organization supports NCSX project, and has assigned a QA engineer to assist the project in meeting QA/QC objectives. Will prepare an NCSX QA Plan, implementing PPPL and ORNL QA plans, policies, and procedures, and DOE Orders. Will participate in reviews, help develop specifications. Will support procurement activities, e.g. inspections. Will conduct audits of project and associated plans and procedures.

8 GHN 20020523- 8 Engineering Management Project Engineering Manager is responsible for designing and building NCSX to meet requirements, on schedule, and within budget. System Engineering responsibilities include… –Requirements documentation and flow-down. –Maintaining the technical baseline. –Tracking of critical issues and risks. –Design reviews and follow-up. –Configuration management and change control processes. –Interface control and design integration. –Data management. –Operation and maintenance procedures. WBS Managers are responsible for their systems. –They report to Project Engineering Manager. Engineering organization will be augmented to incorporate System Engineering and Construction Management positions prior to Title I.

9 GHN 20020523- 9 Configuration Management (I) Technical Baseline Control Change Control Board –Project Manager chairs –Engineering Mgr., Project Control Mgr., WBS Mgr., ES&H rep., QA rep., others as needed. Formal control system will be implemented prior to preliminary design.

10 GHN 20020523- 10 Configuration Mgt. (II): Control Levels Technical changes: –Mission or technical objectives: DOE-OFES –General Requirements Document: DOE Project manager (PAO) –Other technical changes: Project Manager / CCB Cost changes: –Project cost objective: DOE-OFES –Changes requiring use of contingency: DOE Project manager (PAO) –Other: Project Manager / CCB Schedule changes: –Level 0 and 1 Milestones: DOE-OFES –Level 2 Milestones: DOE Project manager (PAO) –Other: Project Manager / CCB Cost / schedule performance baseline established after prelim. design.

11 GHN 20020523- 11 Contingency Management Initial amount established based on assessment of cost, schedule, and technical risk factors at the subsystem level. Use of contingency (I.e., to cover approved changes in workscope or estimates) is via change control process. All changes involving use of contingency will be approved by DOE Project Manager (PAO).

12 GHN 20020523- 12 Cost and Schedule Control Work Planning and Authorization –Work Authorization Form (WAF) documents scope, schedule, cost, resource requirements, responsible individual. –All work and expenditure of project funds is authorized by project manager using WAFs. Primary control mechanism: constant communication. –Frequent meetings of System Integration Team to identify and solve problems, manage risk, keep everyone “on the same page”. –Monthly WAF status meetings with WBS managers to plan work, monitor progress, update schedules & estimates of remaining work, flag variances and issues. Will use PPPL’s Project Control System as a management tool. –Maintain cost and schedule baseline using Primavera software. –Aid in planning, authorizing, and tracking work. –Use to measure and report cost and schedule performance.

13 GHN 20020523- 13 Funds Management PPPL and ORNL (and other Labs) are funded directly by DOE. –Division of funds handled via FWP process and financial plan requests. –Industry and universities are funded as subcontractors to PPPL or ORNL. Management reserves –Budgeted by project manager at the beginning of each year in case needed to solve problems. –Can be used to resolve approved changes requiring use of contingency arising from problems in current year’s authorized work scope, or –Can be used to authorize in-scope work scheduled for later. –Will in general be fully disbursed by mid-year. –Will be reported regularly to DOE, including semi-annual reviews.

14 GHN 20020523- 14 Reporting DOE cost and schedule reviews will be held semi-annually. –Project performance relative to baseline. –Changes to baseline. –Risks and contingency. –Management reserve. –Plans. Written reports will be submitted quarterly.

15 GHN 20020523- 15 Physics Fabrication Project Physics responsibilities… –Physics analysis support of design and fabrication activities. –Evaluating physics implications of proposed changes. Main focus after CD: Research Preparation Responsibilities… –Prepare analytical tools, support design of hardware tools needed for research. –Maintain physics connections, collaboration with other stellarator programs. –Plan research program in more detail, organization research forums, and start building team as operation nears. (Not in Fabrication Project Scope.)

16 GHN 20020523- 16 Management and Integration Cost WBS 8 Estimate –81 Project Management and Control$3.3M –82 Project Engineering and Integration$2.2M –84 Project Physics$0.5M Total$6.0M Contingency:15% Resources –Project Mgr. & ORNL Deputy1.0 fte –Project Control1.0 fte –Project & System Engineering1.2 fte –Design Integration0.6 fte –Project Physics0.4 fte –Clerical support0.25 fte –Travel & Misc. M&S$250 k

17 GHN 20020523- 17 Documentation of Management Plans Project Execution Plan (issued for CDR) Acquisition Execution Plan (draft issued for CDR) System Engineering Management Plan Data Management Plan Document and Records Plan Configuration Management Plan Interface Control Management Plan Quality Assurance Plan Test and Evaluation Plan Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Plan Documents are in preparation, commensurate with need.

18 GHN 20020523- 18 Summary: Project Management Plans A successful project organization is well established. DOE-Contractor Integrated Project Team is working well. Management plans are documented and appropriately implemented for the current stage of the project. The management plans for NCSX follow proven models for successful project execution.

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