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Human Migration Francisci WG.6.

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1 Human Migration Francisci WG.6

2 What is a Pull Factor? Pull Factor: Condition that attracts a person to a new country or region resulting in migration to that new region. Migration: The movement of people from place to place.

3 Examples of Pull Factors:
Religion: freedom to practice any religion

4 Examples of Pull Factors:
Economic Opportunity: Freedom to own one’s own business (usually found in democratic countries)

5 Examples of Pull Factors:
Land Availability: Enough housing to meet the demands of the population

6 Examples of Pull Factors:
Political Freedom: The right to vote for political leaders; usually found in democratic countries

7 Examples of Pull Factors:
Ethnic and Family ties

8 Examples of Pull Factors:
Arable Land: Fertile soil which crops can be raised

9 What is a Push Factor? Push Factor: Condition that forces a person to leave his or her home country and migrate to another country or region

10 Examples of Push Factors:
Overpopulation: Shortage of housing

11 Examples of Push Factors:
Lack of job opportunities

12 Examples of Push Factors:
Agricultural Decline: Loss of fertile soil

13 Examples of Push Factors:
Conflict: Fighting between ethnic groups

14 Examples of Push Factors:
Political Persecution: Lack of freedom

15 Examples of Push Factors:
Natural Hazards: Droughts, floods, famines, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis

16 Examples of Push Factors:
Limits of Personal Freedom: Found in communist countries or dictatorships

17 Examples of Push Factors:
Environmental Degradation: Pollution

18 What is Cultural Diffusion?
Cultural Diffusion: Spread of culture from one country to others around the world. Examples: 1. Popularization of other cultures’ traditions in the U.S. 2. Diffusion of U.S. culture to other regions of the world.

19 What impact do migrations of humans have on regions of the world?
Language – when humans migrate they bring their language with them Religious Freedom – When humans migrate, they bring their religion with them Traditions – Humans continue to practice traditions when they migrate Cultural Landscape – The culture of a place may change with the migration of people

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