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Migration Why Do People Move Around? Assigned: September 30, 2014.

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1 Migration Why Do People Move Around? Assigned: September 30, 2014

2 Directions The font in BROWN and BLACK and the organizers in BLUE need to be copied down as notes. Any font in GREEN needs to be read, but does not need to be written down.

3 Key Vocabulary Terms Copy the following terms into your notes. 1.Asylum = shelter from danger or hardship 2.Immigrant = person who leaves one country and moves to another 3.Migration = moving from one place to another 4.“Push-Pull” Theory = people migrate because certain things in their lives “push” them to leave or “pull” them to a new place 5.Refugee = a person who has to leave his or her country to find safety 6.Rural Area = villages and countryside areas 7.Urban Area = cities and busy towns 8.Urbanization = movement of people to urban areas causing the growth of cities 9.Xenophobia = a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers Vocabulary Quiz on these terms and the Human Geography terms is on Tuesday, October 7.

4 Essential Questions…. 1. Why do people migrate? 2. What are some important population issues?

5 Migration: The Movement of People For centuries people have moved from one place to another Millions of immigrants come to U.S. People already living in the U.S. migrate from state to state for different reasons

6 Push and Pull Factors Push factors: things that drive people out of where they are living ◦ Emigrate ◦ Examples: war, natural disaster, persecution Pull factors: things that make people want to live in a new place ◦ Immigrate ◦ Examples: job opportunities, freedoms

7 Irish Immigrants in the USA 1840’s and 1850’s 1.5 million left Ireland for the USA ◦ Why did they leave? (Push)  Potato Famine 1840’s  Hunger and Starvation  England ruled Ireland harshly  Few opportunities for job improvement


9 Vietnamese Immigrants to the USA Southeast Asia to USA Vietnam War, Communism caused many to flee Other countries would not accept these people but the USA did Push-Pull Theory: ◦ Push: communism ◦ Pull: USA welcoming immigrants

10 Other Kinds of Immigration Australia: colonized by English; convicts sent there to serve sentences, some stayed War/persecution forces migration

11 Refugees Some people flee their home country ◦ “Pushed” out ◦ Natural disaster, war, persecuted somehow Some refugees seek asylum ◦ For example, any Cuban citizen that reaches the United States is automatically granted asylum  Why is this?

12 Legal v. Illegal Immigration (in USA) Legal ◦ Have completed the immigration process  Received legal documentation of their status  Process often takes multiple years ◦ Are American citizens and have all the rights thereof ◦ 700,000 – 900,000 annually Illegal ◦ Did not complete the immigration process  No legal documentation of citizenship ◦ Are NOT American citizens and do not possess the rights of citizens ◦ Estimates = 11,500,000 illegal immigrants currently in USA (that’s total, not annual)

13 Xenophobia = fear of a certain group in society that is new to an area (ex. immigrants) or of a group in society already present for a long time (ex. Jews) Xenophobia has many different causes ◦ Past negative experiences, societal conditioning, etc. Xenophobia in its most extreme cases can lead to hostile, violent interactions How do you think this affects how people living in a country see immigrants?

14 Urbanization in the United States Migration occurs within a country Americans migrate more than citizens of any other country Population shift in the US from northeastern states to southeastern and southwestern states. Problem: southwestern cities having enough water supply

15 Continued… Biggest challenge today: people moving from farms and small villages to cities Urbanization has grown What pushes people from rural areas? What pulls people to cities?

16 Urbanization by Region What does this graph indicated? You don’t need to copy down the chart.

17 Urbanization in the World An example of global urbanization is Indonesia – Past: many people were farmers, fishers and hunters They lived in rural areas – Present: they are now moving to urban areas – Example: Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) – 1978: population 4.5 million – 2000: population: 11 million – 2015: population: estimated at 21 million

18 Jakarta in 1970.

19 Jakarta in 2014

20 Waste Dump: Jakarta, Indonesia

21 Growing Cities, Growing Challenges If cities are so overcrowded, why would people still go there? ◦ Seeking a better life ◦ Looking for jobs ◦ Looking for decent housing ◦ Looking for good school ◦ Most want more opportunities for children

22 Review Questions Write down questions 1 – 4. You do not need to write down question 5, but you do need to answer it. Use complete sentences. 1. Why do people migrate? 2. Why have some immigrants left their homelands to live in the United States? (list at least 3) 3. Describe the process of urbanization. 4. List at least 3 examples each for push factors and pull factors. ◦ Push: Why people leave areas ◦ Pull: Why people come to new areas 5. We spent a few days in class reading about children coming into the United States from Central American countries. Evaluate the reasons they are coming to the USA, and then draw your own conclusion: Do you think they should be allowed to come to the United States, or should they be stopped at the border and sent back? Whichever you choose, explain why you feel that way.

23 Research Activity Once you have finished the notes and review questions, complete the following research activity. Use your laptops to find the answers to the two questions below. Use GOOD websites to find your research. ◦ How has migration inside the United States affected the country since 2000? ◦ How will migration continue to affect the country through 2030? Use Microsoft Word to type your answer. You may submit your final copy via Edmodo or print it out. The final copy must be 1 typed page. Text is to be double-spaced, size 12,Times New Roman, black font. I will show you how to correctly format your paper in class.

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