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Art History Timeline. Cave Paintings Time Period: 15,000 B.C. Media: Charcoal, Dirt.

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1 Art History Timeline

2 Cave Paintings Time Period: 15,000 B.C. Media: Charcoal, Dirt

3 Stonehenge

4 Egyptian Time Period: 1,000 B.C. Media: Papyrus (plant) Jerusalem Founded Media: carved stone, pottery, gold and ornate structures


6 Egyptian Pyramids

7 Greek Time Period: 400 B.C. Large statues portraying Gods and mythology Emphasis on architecture with large ornate columns


9 Parthenon

10 Roman Time Period: 200 B.C Mosaics, Ivory Carvings, Metal work (coins)


12 Colosseum

13 Byzantine Time Period: 600 A.D. Media: Paper Making Introduced in China Christian art-Roman Empire-panel paintings


15 St Mark’s Basillica

16 Romanesque Time Period: 1,000 A.D Media: Paper introduced in Europe, Stained glass, ornate architecture


18 Leaning Tower of Pisa

19 Gothic Time Period: 1250 A.D Media: Revival of Printmaking Panel paintings, ornate architecture


21 Notre Dame Cathedral

22 Early Renaissance Time Period: 1400 A.D Media: Printing Press, Oil Paint, Pastel Artists: Botticelli, da Vinci

23 Leonardo da Vinci-Mona LisaBotticelli-the Birth of Venus

24 Sistine Chapel

25 High Renaissance Time Period: 1500 A.D Media: First Use of Canvas Artists: Michelangelo, Raphael, & El Greco

26 Michaelangelo-Sistine chapel Raphael-The School of Athens

27 Baroque Time Period: 1600 A.D. Media: Modern Pencil Invented Artists: Rubens & Rembrandt Lots of details and color

28 Rubens-Venus in the Mirror Rembrandt-Nightwatch

29 Chapel de Jesu

30 Neoclassism Time Period: 1750 A.D. Usually noble subjects Paintings are very balances

31 Jacques-Louis DavidJacques-Louis David-Oath of Horatti

32 Eiffel Tower

33 Romanticism & Realism Time Period: 1800 A.D. Media; Photography & Watercolors (1850- Tube Paints & Fountain Pen) Paintings about historical events

34 Eugène DelacroixEugène Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People 1830Liberty Leading the People

35 Impressionism Time Period: 1875 Media: Ballpoint Pen Artists: Van Gogh, Monet, Seurat Visible brush strokes Emphasis on light

36 A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - 1884 Georges Seurat

37 Cubism & Surrealism Time Period: 1900 Media: Acrylic Paint & Crayon Artists: Dali, Picasso, Abstract concepts Geometric figures

38 Georges BraqueGeorges Braque, 'Woman with a Guitar,' 1913 Dali-The Swallow’s Tail

39 Pop Art Time Period: 1950 Artists: Pollack & Warhol Involves every day items Can be standard or abstract


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